Makeup Monday: Evening Skincare Routine

Today, I'm continuing my "Routines" series with my evening skincare routine!  I love, love, love evening skincare.  I use good quality, effective products that stay on my skin all night.

Evening Skincare 2

Evening Skincare 1

Evening Skincare 3

To start off, I remove all of my makeup.  I use a separate eye makeup remover, because my eyes are sensitive to nearly everything.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover

I have not been using this very long, but I instantly liked it.  The solution separates in the bottle, so you have to shake it up before you put it on a cotton round.  I hold the cotton round on my eyes for about 20-ish seconds and voila!  Eye makeup removed!

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

This is such a nice cleansing balm!  I've been using it for a while.  Although it's not super luxe feeling/smelling like the REN one, it is very effective.  It's a  bare bones cleanser and totally worth the price.

fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I follow up my first cleanse with a second cleanse.  The first cleanse is more makeup removal than cleaning. The second cleanse actually gets my skin good and clean.  I use this with my Clarisonic Mia.  Recently, I tried the normal brush head with my Mia, but it's been too rough on my skin.  I am going to switch back to the Sensitive brush head.

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.C. Morning Eye Rescue

While my toner is drying, I apply my eye cream.  Right now I'm using this Caudalie cream, and it's lovely.  This is a sample from a Birchbox some months back, and it's still going strong!  I find that eye cream samples last forever.

Evening Skincare 4

Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner

After I clean my skin, I use my exfoliating toner.  Right now I am using the Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner.  It is so nice.  It's no P50V, but it's pretty close.  It's gentle and does not dry out my skin.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I followup my exfoliating toner with a moisturizing toner.  This Liz Earle Tonic is so, so nice.  You can feel the hydration sinking into your skin when you apply this.  I keep this in a spray bottle so I can mist my skin with it.  It feels amazing!

Evening Skincare 5

I follow up my toners with a serum.

REN Radiance Perfecting Serum

This is the serum I use on my good skin days.  It gives my skin a more radiant look and reduces my acne scarring.  It has a lovely citrus scent!

REN ClearCalm3 Replenishing Night Cream (now called Replenishing Night Cream)

This is the serum I use on my bad skin days.  It's perfect for acne prone skin.  It works on your current break outs, reduces excess sebum, and prevents acne scarring.  I have seen such an improvement in my skin I started using this!

Evening Skincare 6

Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins

I end my routine with a moisturizer.  This one has been a staple in my routine for months, and it's not going anywhere soon.  There are so many great ingredients that are amazing for your skin.  It revives dull skin and sloughs away your dry skin.

I know my evening routine sounds like a lot, but it doesn't take me any time at all.  I've been so happy with this combination of products, that I had to share it!

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Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Dress // Rings // Sandals // Purse // Necklace

The older I get, the more I crave simplicity on Easter morning.  The kids' baskets are small and simple.  Breakfast is our usual pancake recipe.  And I prefer a cute dress with flats.  Paired with an adorable purse and eye-catching necklace, we have the makings of a comfortable-during-the-egg-hunt-and-for-the-rest-of-the-day-too outfit.



Skirt // Necklace // Hobo // Sunglasses // Tank // Sandals

Hello, maxi skirt season!

I know maxi skirts can be worn whenever, wherever.  But, I just feel like spring and summer are their time. You know? I love maxis, but I'm so short I have to either (1) wear my maxi skirt at my arm pits or (2) pair them with some heeled sandals.

I'll let you guess which one looks more stylish.

Friday Faves: Shorts

Friday Faves: Shorts
Top: Left // Middle // Right
Bottom: Left // Middle // Right

This week's Friday Faves is a bit of an anti-faves.

Hear me out.

I am not a fan of shorts.  No matter how skinny or not skinny I've been in my life, I just haven't ever loved my legs.  And that's okay!  I don't need to love every bit of my body to be confident.  But, it has meant that shorts are not a popular item in my wardrobe.

Friends, I am determined to like shorts this year ... or, at least get as close to liking as I can.  Does that make sense?  I just need to find that perfect pair of shorts.  I've even considered making my own, but I want to find ready-made ones first if I can!

So, for this Friday Faves, I would love if you could tell me what your favorite brand and sytle of shorts are!

A pinspiration kind of day

Target and Vera Wang 1

Target and Vera Wang 2

Target and Vera Wang 3

Target and Vera Wang 4

Target and Vera Wang 5

Top // Cardigan (from thredUP) (Similar) // Skirt (from thredUP) (Similar) // 
Shoes // Necklace (won in giveaway) (Similar) // Belt (thrifted) (Similar)

I am one of those people.

You know, those people who can't get dressed without Pinterest?  

Sometimes, when I'm stumped on what to wear, I scroll through my fashion board.  Or, I just scroll through my feed for inspiration.  Sometimes I search something specific and one night when I was feeling particularly stumped, I searched for pattern mixing and found this.  In my opinion, Pinterest is the best place for pattern mixing inspiration.  There are tons of talented pattern mixers out there (my daughter included, hehe), but I am not so lucky to have that particular gene.

My pattern mixing has been limited to patterns involving two colors.  Max.  So, when I saw this lovely pin, I knew I could recreate it.

Another work outfit saved by Pinterest!

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Nashona: One Skirt, Three Ways

Nashona 17

Today, I am so excited to introduce you all to Nashona.  Nashona is an amazing company that I just learned about a few months ago.  Nashona was founded by Lillian and Penni, who met as student and teacher at a local community college.  They both love fashion and started Nashona together.

It spans two cultures, as their clothing and accessories are made in Tanzania (Lillian's home country) and are sold here in North Carolina.  Each piece is completely individual.  They make only five sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl) in each fabric.  So, you literally have the only piece in your size!

Their prints are amazing and are surprisingly versatile.  Each print is so incredibly eye-catching!

Not only do they make amazing clothes, but they also give back to the communities in North Carolina and Tanzania.  At our local community college, they are starting up a scholarship for working moms going back to school.  How awesome is that?  As a mom who worked and went to school, this makes me so happy for the future recipient of the scholarship!

This summer, Lillian will be traveling to Tanzania to The Shalom Children's Orphanage in Karatu.  They will be presenting checks to a couple students so they can attend school!

Lillian and Penni are doing amazing things, and I am so happy to show how I styled the skirt they gifted me.

Nashona 16

Nashona 1

Nashona 2

Nashona 3

Tee // Skirt c/o // Flats // Necklace c/o Rose Wholesale (similar)

I love this outfit for a casual weekend.  My Everlane tees are perfect with this skirt!

Nashona 4

Nashona 5

Nashona 6

Nashona 7
Button-up // Skirt c/o // Belt (Similar) // Heels // Necklace

This look is perfect for work.  I love a good button-up/skirt combo, but the pattern mixing keeps it interesting.

Nashona 8

Nashona 9

Nashona 10

Nashona 12
Pink Bracelet c/o Nashona

Nashona 13

Nashona 14

Nashona 15
Button-up (similar) // Skirt // Belt (similar) // Heels // Necklace (similar)

Of the three looks, this is my favorite.  These heels are perfect with this skirt.  This is a great going out look!

You can check Nashona out here.

Makeup Monday: Morning Skin Care Routine

Today's Makeup Monday is my updated skin care routine.  I haven't done an updated routine a long time, and I felt like it was time to do so!  I've been really happy with my skin care for the past few months and want to share my favorite products with you all.

I've actually been on a little routine kick lately, so I'll be sharing my other beauty routines throughout the month of April.  Make sure to stay tuned for those!

Morning Skincare Routine 1

Morning Skincare Routine 2

Morning Skincare Routine 3

I wash my skin every morning no matter what.  It's a great way to wake up a bit and I love starting the day with a fresh face.  I use two different cleansers, but never at the same time.

Cliniqiue Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk

This is a recent purchase and an instant love!  I use Clinique's Cleansing Balm, but my Clinique counter does not carry it anymore.  I decided to try this Cleansing Milk, and I am so glad I did.  It's so smooth and moisturizing, it makes my skin feel clean and nourished at the same time.  This cleanser will remove makeup, but I enjoy using it in the morning.

Lush Ocean Salt

On mornings when I feel my skin needs an extra kick in the pants, I use this.  It's super scrubby and contains juice from vodka-infused limes.  The smell is so incredibly refreshing, I guess it gives my sense a kick in the pants, too!  It smells amazing in the morning.  I use this 2-3 times a week.

Morning Skincare Routine 4

I follow my cleanser with two toners.  The first is exfoliating and the second is moisturizing.

Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright

I love this toner.  If you're not used to exfoliating toners, then this is a good place to start.  It contains ingredients that make your skin radiant, like a natural form of salicylic acid  It's also super affordable!

Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

This is my moisturizing toner.  Rosewater is really great for your skin.  This second toner step really amps my skin care.  It just adds that extra bit of moisture that my skin needs.  It smells amazing.

While my toner is drying, I apply my eye cream.  Now, this is the only part of morning routine that isn't "permanent."  Basically, I rotate through eye cream samples all the time.  Eye cream last so long and I always have one or more samples on hand.  I can't remember the last time I purchased eye cream!

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue

So, if I were to go out today and purchase an eye cream, it would be this.  This is a sample from a recent-ish Birchbox.  I am always excited to try Caudalie products, because they are always amazing!  This particular eye cream contains hyaluronic acid, which is really great for your skin.  Basically, it keeps moisture on your skin.  Moisture is so important for your eye area, and I have noticed a difference in my skin since using this.

Morning Skincare Routine 5

Just a couple more steps!  My routine sounds complicated when I write it out, but I actually do this in about 4-5 minutes.  So it doesn't take long at all.

Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright

This is a creme-serum that is applied before my moisturizer.  Basically, this is full of good peptides.  Peptides can minimize wrinkles, revive lackluster skin, and give your skin an extra boost of radiance.  My skin looks so clarified and radiant when I use this.  I've been so impressed with this product that it is definitely a staple in my routine.  I buy this at Walgreens.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects 3 Moisturizer

I've been using Mary Kay moisturizers for so long, I can't imagine ever not using them.  This is their natural moisturizer option.  I enjoy it more than the non-natural version.  It sinks into the skin quickly, so I barely have to wait before applying my makeup.  It is formulated for oily skin, but it works well on my combination/oily complexion.

And that's it!  After my moisturizer, I apply whatever makeup I'm wearing.  I am so happy with how my skin feels and looks after this routine.

What do you use in your morning skin care routine?

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