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Rebecca Reads: Code Name Verity


Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

I nearly forgot to write a review of this book on my blog.  When I first heard about this book, one of my friends was raving about it.  And then I saw another amazing review ...and another ... and another. You get the point.  Everyone who reads this loves it.  The same was true for me.

This book is set during World War II and follows two best friends, a pilot and a spy.  Their code names were Kittyhawk and Verity.  During a flight into Nazi-occupied France, they crash and Verity is later captured while trying to complete her mission.  The book is divided into two parts.  The first part is from Verity's point of view in Nazi captivity at a French hotel.  She has been told to write down everything she knows, so she writes from Kittyhawk's learning to fly all the way to the crash in France.  The second section is from Kittyhawk's point of view as she is trapped in France and trying to rescue Verity.

I love historical fiction.  This would've been a quick read if I could've just sat down and read non stop.  This is definitely one of those books that you'll read late into the night.  The plot twists were great.  In fact, it took me a while to realize that maybe Verity wasn't entirely truthful in her account of what happened.

The sequel, Rose Under Fire, came out a couple years ago and I will be reading that soon!

Like everyone who read it before me, I've been trying to recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.

Makeup Monday: Spring Nail Polish

I believe I've said this numerous times before, but season beauty round ups are so much fun to me. At the beginning of every season, I switch out some of my make for more seasonally appropriate colors. I've been painting my nails a lot more recently, and particularly with Julep polishes.  I apologize for this Julep-centric post!  I will have similar drugstore recommendations for each color.

Spring Nail Polish 1

Spring Nail Polish 2

Julep Niecy & Lupita

Spring just isn't spring without a little pink.  These are my picks for this season. Niecy is a creamy, bright pink.  Lupita is a deep rhubarb shade.  I've had Niecy for a while, as you can see I've used a bit of it.  Lupita is recent addition to my nail polish collection.

Drugstore recommendation for Niecy: Essie's Status Symbol

Drugstore recommendation for Lupita: Essie's Exotic Liras

Spring Nail Polish 3

Julep Alie & Brandis

I've been loving blues lately, and these are beautiful for spring.  Ali is a creamy, soft focus mint. This  could go with anything!  Brandis is so much fun, and I actually wore it for Valentine's Day (with a cute accent nail), seen here.

Drugstore recommendation for Ali: Essie's Mint Candy Apple

Drugstore recommendation for Brandis: Essie's Naughty Nautical or Garden Variety

Spring Nail Polish 4

Nails Inc & Victoria Beckham Bamboo White (sold out now)

This is my latest nail polish purchase (aside from my April Julep shipment... ahem).  I saw so many swatches of this online.  I went back and forth about buying it, because it was pricey.  On a whim, one Saturday night (so crazy! woo!), I ordered it from Sephora.  I am so glad I did, because this is the perfect pale neutral for me!  This will be worn a ton.

Drugstore recommendation: Esie's Fed Up or Like Linen

Spring Nail Polish 5

Julep's Whitney

I love darker neutrals, too, and this has been a recent fave.  This came in my March Julep shipment, and I've worn it quite a bit since then.

Drugstore recommendation: Essie's Sand Tropez

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Beauty Box 5: April 2015

I am sent Beauty Box 5 each month for review.  All opinions are mine alone.

I love this time of the month.  Most of my beauty boxes come in around this time, and then I get my Stitch Fix soon.... ahhh.. it's a string of good mail days from now until the end of the month.

This month's Beauty Box 5 is my best yet.  I received a chapstick, lotion, lip gloss, face cleanser, and nail strips!  You can watch the unboxing below.

Stitch Fix: April 2015

I have used my Stitch Fix referral link throughout this post.  If you click through and purchase a fix, I will receive a $25 credit.  Please don't feel obligated to purchase through my link, but thank you if you do!

I have to apologize for the grainy cell phone pics!  I was so excited about this fix that we quickly snapped these and I started wearing some of the items the next day.  I know the items I kept will pop up in outfits for a long, long time!

Stitch Fix April 2015 1

Daniel Rainn Melodie Smocked Detail Polka Dot Print Blouse, size L

This is a sheer, casual top that would be perfect with jeans, pants, or tucked into a skirt.  I really wish this had fit me better, but the sleeves were an odd length.  If I'd gone down a size, it would've been too tight in the chest region.  This shirt fit perfectly aside from the sleeves.  Sadly, I did not keep it.

Stitch Fix April 2015 2

Pixley Triste Swing Skirt, size L

I asked for a spring skirt, and they delivered!  I love black and white, but this skirt did not look good on me.  The fabric looked stiff on me and it was shorter than I feel comfortable in.  I did not keep this one, either.

Stitch Fix April 2015 3

Now we're getting to the really good stuff...

Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Pants size LP

I asked for work pants when I found out Stitch Fix is now offering petite sizes.  These Margaret M Emer pants are pretty popular right now, and I can see why.  They are comfortable and, obviously, go with everything.  My office is pretty cold, so I'll be wearing pants a lot this year.  I might as well wear pants I love!  These are my new favorite work pants, and I plan on request more of these!

Stitch Fix April 2015 4

Pixley Ivy Petal Print Blouse, size L

I requested this top after I saw it in someone's fix unboxing.  I love this pattern.  Even though the shirt is navy, this looks like a spring top for me.  Definitely a keeper!

Stitch Fix April 2015 5

Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Keyhole Blouse, size L

Ahhh.. another request :)  I've seen this top everywhere and knew I would love it.  Of course, I was right, and I've been wearing it at least twice a week since it came in the mail.

So, I obviously went over my 1 item limit.  I have two words: stress and shop.  I have been stress shopping lately, but I am ready to reconnect with my budget goals next month in May.  Well... to be honest, I've reconnected with them right now because I'm avoiding situations where I will spend money.  But, May.  May!  I will be back to 1 item only in my fixes and thrifting (which I will have more time for in May).

Happy Stitch Fixing!  If you get Stitch Fix, I'd love for you to leave me a link to your latest fix.  If you've never used Stitch Fix, I highly recommend it!  It's so much fun to have someone personally style a box for you.

Have a great day!

Feeling Earthy

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Top: Target (similar) // Belt: Thrifted (similar) // Skirt: Gilli via Stitch Fix (similar)
Necklace: Scarlett Garnet (won in giveaway, kind of similar) // Shoes: Target (old, similar)
Purse: Madewell (old, newer style)
Photography by Em Grey

It felt super appropriate to post an outfit with  my favorite green shirt, given that it's Earth Day :)  This outfit is one of the comfiest around, given the soft fabrics and flowy skirt.  I really can't think of a more comfortable skirt to wear during the spring time... I seriously need to find it in more colors!  I might try requesting it via my stylist with Stitch Fix.  Which reminds me, my next fix will be here this weekend and I haven't told you all about my last one!  What is wrong with me?  

You can expect a second post today, sharing my favorite fix yet!  Seriously, it's good.

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My Latest Rocksbox

I was provided with a free 3-month subscription to Rocksbox.  All opinions are mine alone.

If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should)  you will have noticed that I got a Rocksbox shipment with an amazing necklace.  Last month, I did a little experiment and didn't request anything. Usually, I ask for a certain style or a certain.  My stylist picked some gorgeous pieces for me this month!

Before I show you what I wore last month (I got this one at the end of March), I'll tell you a little bit about Rocksbox in case you've never heard of them.  Rocksbox is basically the Netflix of jewelry.  For $19 per month, you are sent three pieces of designer jewelry at a time.  You can wear the pieces as much as you want during your subscription.  You can also mail your boxes back and forth as much as you want!  You're basically renting designer jewelry.  I love having new pieces to wear every month.  Better yet, they've started a new feature within the past couple of months.  Every subscription receives $10 of Shine Spend, which is a free $10 for you to spend on your favorite items!

Here's what I got this month/the end of last month!

Rocksbox 1

Hello, this necklace is gorgeous. I wore this with everything.  I literally dressed it up and down!  It was so comfortable.  The chains did not feel heavy at all, and the lapis is gorgeous.  Sad story, this necklace is $120 after the Rocksbox 20% discount.  I wanted this necklace so bad, but I couldn't afford to buy it.  Luckily, I got to wear it as much as I wanted before I sent back my box!

Rocksbox 2

I thought it was so ironic that I wrote a post about Kate Middleton's being my style icon, and then these earrings were in my Rocksbox.  :)  They are absolutely gorgeous, and they definitely look like something a princess would wear.  I wish I'd had somewhere to be fancy, because these didn't get worn much.

Rocksbox 3

I was introduced to the Gorjana brand through Rocksbox.  I've fallen in love with their aesthetic. Their pieces are simply and delicately rustic.  I have loved every single Gorjana piece that's been sent in my boxes.  I have yet to purchase one yet.  I loved wearing this ring, but it wasn't comfortable while I typed.  It was so nice to wear this one, too!

What do you think about the jewelry I got this time?  I am so in love with that necklace, I might have to save up and purchase it.  What is your favorite piece?

If you'd like to try out Rocksbox, you can get your first month free with my code REBECCABFF17.

Rebecca Reads: The Satellite Trilogy, Part 1

I was sent this ebook; however, I also purchased the book for my Kindle.  All opinions are my own.

I recently read Satellite: The Satellite Trilogy, Part 1.  I love a good YA novel as much as the next person, and this one was very enjoyable.

This book is set in the afterlife, where we're introduced to Grant.  Grant had cancer has a young adult and, unfortunately, did not survive.  After he passes, he finds himself in a strange place with many other people.  They soon find out that they are in a place called Progression, and they are going to become satellites.  Satellites are basically guardian angels who guard tragedies.  Tragedies are humans who are still living and are about to go through a pivotal point in their lives.

I really liked the theme of this book -- that everything happens for a reason and everyone has a purpose for which they are destined.  Grant was always destined to become a satellite and he's quite a natural.

While I found the first half of the book to be trite and uninformative about the world, the second half is where all the action is.  I would've liked to have more world building in the first half.  It dragged a bit but picked up about half way through.  I was flying through the book at that point and have already purchased the second book, which is called Elite: Satellite Trilogy, Part 2.  I'll let you know how that one is!

Now that I've shared my thoughts, I'd love to hear if you've read this!  Or, what have you been rading lately?