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Monday, August 3, 2015

Makeup Monday: Back to School Makeup Look

It's August, so it's officially time to start thinking about going back to school!  This month is always exciting to me.  Our boys will be starting the 3rd and 2nd grades.  I can't believe how time flies, because it felt like just yesterday our oldest was starting kindergarten!

Along with all this back-to-school excitement comes back-to-school shopping.  And let me tell you!  As much as I love to shop (in general) and shop for school supplies, sometimes I dread how much it costs.  It all adds up.  So, I've put together this $25 makeup look that is affordable for anyone.  Whether it's you or your kids going back to school, you can save money and look great.

I'm also featuring some affordable makeup brushes that I found at Target.  I don't include the brushes in the price of the makeup look, because it's something you'll keep for a long time.  I wanted the $20 to go strictly to makeup.  To be honest, if you could only afford the makeup, you could completely use your hands to do your makeup. #keepingitreal

I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know what you think :)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

I was sent this watch for review.  All opinions are mine alone.

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Top: Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes: Merona (thrifted, similar)
Necklace: Old (similar) // Clutch: Urban Expressions (similar)
Watch: JORD Watches c/o
Photos: Em Grey

I was recently sent this watch for review and let me tell you, I am so glad I said yes!!  JORD Watches makes wood watches.  They're so unique, they really caught my eye.  When I use to work in a jewelry department, watches were my thing (to be honest, every kind of jewelry was 'my thing.'  That's where my paycheck went, haha!).  I used to match watches to my outfit, and I still have a few from back in the day.

JORD wood watches are not only well made, but they also go with everything.  No more multiple watches for me.  :)  I've been wearing this watch everywhere!  It looks amazing with this outfit, which is one of my favorite work outfits.  When I go home, I'll switch into a casual outfit for Friday night and it still looks great.  I love that JORD wood watches are unique.  Even further, the intricacy of the woods they use add to the distinction.  In Swedish, JORD means earth, soil, and land.

Here is a sampling of the other watches they offer:

Womens Wood Watches

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Casual Outfit // Fancy Shoes

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion
Tank: Loft (secondhand, similar) // Cardigan: Old Navy (secondhand, similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar) // Necklace: Serrv (similar)
Shoes: Sam Edelman Brina Flats (similar) // Purse: Target
Photos: Em Grey

I'm back today with a casual(ish) outfit featuring this amazing Sam Edelman shoes!  Yesterday, my outfit was a little dressier.  Today's outfit is slightly more casual, and I love the dressy feel these shoes give the outfit.  I could easily wear flip flops or sandals, but these pointy flats are a much better option.  Don't you think?

Building Confidence at TRIumph Gymnastics in Cary

Our son received one month of classes at TRIumph Gymnastics in exchange for this review.  All opinions are mine alone (and Ethan's, too!).

I am seriously excited to share our experience with a new gymnastics facility in Cary.  As you all know, my husband and I have three kids.  We keep them involved in extracurricular activities.  The way we see it, the more, the merrier!  Whatever our kids want to do, we find a way to do it!  Well, our middle son, Ethan, had been expressing interest in gymnastics.  Like... literally and figuratively.  Literally, as in he was telling us and figuratively ... as in, trying to do back flips off the couch.


It was definitely time to find a place for him to learn proper gymnastics techniques.  I've always said he's my "go-getter."  He loves to try new things.  Ethan was so excited when I told him we signed up for a class!

For a little background on the facility, TRIumph Gymnastics opened its doors on February 9.  They are currently enrolling participants and will continue to add more classes as the facility grows.  We saw at least 3 other classes while Ethan was there!  Classes include: preschool, developmental, tumbling, parkour, adults, home school, open gym and more.

The full schedule of classes and programs can be viewed here. In addition to classes, TRIumph will also offer camps for year-round students who are tracked out of school, summer camps and birthday parties complete with games, gym time and more.

TRIumph Gymnastics Cary Review
Here's Ethan before his first class!

TRIumph's appropximately 20,000 sq. foot facility at 2723 NC Highway 55 in Cary is state of the art.  TRIumph features both men's and women's elite competition equipment, a foam pit, two trampolines, two tumble tracks, a 42' x 42' Olympic size competition floor, a rod floor, a tumble strip, a dedicated preschool area and a large viewing area for parents.  You can sign up for classes online or call (919)355-2199.

Coach Matt taught Ethan's class, and he was so nice.  His particular class has a ratio of 8:1, so there's individualized attention when the students need it.  The gymnasts learn that they walk out on the floor in a line behind the coach, and then they work on their stretches.  I was surprised at how much they stretch!  After stretching, they worked on a variety of activities.  They go through all the men's Olympic events.  The first class, they were on the pommel horse, the even bars, in the foam pit, and a couple others.

I was so impressed with how the coach made the most of his time with each student.  While he works with one or a couple gymnasts, he has the other students rotating with exercises.  They are moving non stop during the entire class!  During Ethan's month of classes, he also worked on the trampolines, the floor, the uneven bars, the rope, the rings, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple in there!

TRIumph Gymnastics Cary Review 2

This is during Ethan's last class, when he was learning the proper way to do a backward roll.  He did so well!  I couldn't catch him in a back roll, as it came out blurry.  They also used this triangle mat to do forward rolls.  I was trying to capture photos of just Ethan, but they have multiple classes going on at the same time.  The younger classes can see the older classes doing advanced techniques, which Ethan thought was so cool!

TRIumph Gymnastics Cary Review 3

I'm happy to say that Ethan wants to continue learning gymnastics!  When we pulled into the parking lot on his last class day, he said, 'Yaaaay!  But booooo, it's my last class!"  I have been so impressed with the coaches and facility at TRIumph Gymnastics.  If you're in the triangle area (or not, like us!) and your kids are interested in gymnastics, this is our first choice!  We love the welcoming environment and confidence it has instilled in Ethan.

You can follow TRIumph NC here:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Most Worn Dress and Shoes

Summer Office Fashion

Summer Office Fashion

Summer Office Fashion

Summer Office Fashion

Summer Office Fashion

Summer Office Fashion
Dress: Old Navy (similar) // Cardigan: Gap (similar) // Necklace: Altar'd State (similar)
Clutch: BMC // Shoes: Sam Edelman Brina Flats (similar)
Photos: Em Grey

It's no secret that I love the color blue, so this dress purchase was inevitable.  I wear it so much! These shoes were inevitable, because I got them for a steal. I wish they were still available, because I'd buy every color.

Nevertheless, I love catching my husband off guard by telling him they cost $110.  I did not pay that much, as I found them for $17 on Nordstrom Rack.  These definitely win for the best deal of 2015! (so far...)  I'll be sharing a casual look with these shoes tomorrow!

What deals have you found lately?

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rebecca Reads: Weekend Reading

Lately, I've been reading shorter books on the weekends.  It's nice to have something that I can pick up and put down at whim, and these manga and graphic novels are perfect for just that.  They are exciting and action-packed, and I usually finish one within a day!

Manga Graphic Novel Recommendations 1

The Fullmetal Alchemist

I decided to read this as the first manga I've ever read.  It's written in the traditional Japanese right to left layout.  That was neat, and it didn't take any time to get used to it.  This story line centers around Edward and Alphonse, two brothers who are bound together for important reasons.  Edward is an alchemist and decided to attempt and bring back their mother from the dead.  It didn't work, and it left Edward losing an arm and leg and Alphonse's soul being connected to a robot body.  They are trying to get their old bodies back, and this is their story.  They meet lots of friends and foes along the way. This particular book has the first three volumes in it, and I am excited to continue on with the fourth volume soon!

Attack on Titan

I borrowed this from the library.  After reading this and liking it so much, I am considering purchasing it.  This is sci-fi post-apocalyptic.  It's set long after humans have nearly been wiped off the planet.  There are giant humanoids, called Titans, that roam around destroying everything.  What little is left of humankind have been hiding in a city.  They think they are safe until a giant Titan shows up at their wall and changes everything.  The storyline is very interesting, but it is a little too sci-fi for me.  I am curious about the rest of the series, but not enough to read it.  If you like your manga with a side of sci-fi, this is for you.

Usagi Yojimbo

Seriously, cutest main character ever!  This is about bunny samurai.  Yes, you read that right.  He travels everywhere in 17th-century Japan.  I don't know a lot about Japanese history, but I've heard this is historically accurate.  The book is a collection of ten short stories of Usagi traveling around Japan.  He's fought in wars and seen a lot of the country.  It was enjoyable, but it was not my favorite.  I recommend this to anyone who wants a book to relax with.  The drawers are pretty cute.

Manga Graphic Novel Recommendations 2

Amulet: The Stonekeeper's Curse, Book Two

Last,but certainly not least, I read the second book in the Amulet series.  This continues with Emily and Navin trying to save their mother in a magical land that they found in their great-uncle's house. That's some serious paraphrasing right there...  Emily is a stonekeeper, which means she wears a necklace with a stone on it that gives her powers.  The more she uses the power, the more the stone controls her.  But, in order to save the people she loves, she needs to use the stone.  It's a delicate balance.  I didn't like this second book as much as the first, but I will be continuing this series.  I just have to know what happens!

Hit me up with some of your book recommendations in the comments!  I love to hear about what you all are reading!

Monday, July 27, 2015


I love a good round up of style tips.  Peter, coming at us from Australia and High Style Life, is bringing us an amazing round up of summer styles!

Summer is already here, and this beautiful season of vacations, sunbathing and relaxing has its fashion demands too. Out of all the seasons of the year, this one is the best when it comes to experimenting with fashion and enjoying all its benefits. It’s the age when it’s hot outside, so you have to be equally hot to survive this season. And how can you do that? With the variety of summer pieces offered in boutiques and online, it is sometimes hard to choose. The most important thing you should know is that you don’t have to buy all the trendy stuff, just few basic summer and beach essentials, and then based on those pieces you’ll keep upgrading your summer wardrobe. Let’s see what are some of the summer must-haves?

The maxi essentials

No girl can survive summer without one maxi skirt and one maxi dress, at the least. These floor grazing beauties are the IT pieces when it comes to this season of the year. They are great for matching with plain shirts or colorful one, interesting and fun accessories and wedges, heels or ballet flats. With some clever accessorizing, you can turn one maxi skirt/dress into several different outfits for variety of occasions. And that’s the beauty of it: limitless possibilities and easy of matching. What more can you ask on a hot summer day?

Funky footwear

Well, it’s summer isn’t it? Go out there and have fun. And can you think of a better way to add some party into your outfit than by wearing funky footwear. It’s no time for the perfectly stylish black pumps, now you can wear wedges or heels with different colors, patterns (flowers, polka dots, stripes) and textures, which can make an ordinary dress stand out. Even flat sandals can be a great statement giver if you wear them in some bright distinct color.

Stylish hats

Not only these little babies can protect your head, but they can add the perfect touch of “wow” to your outfit. You can wear them regardless of the occasion. Just choose one matching your current outfit. Straw fedoras are, for example, real hits when it comes to street style and they can give that safari feeling to your clothing combination. And, on the other side, elegant floppy hats are ideal to combine with maxi dresses.

Showing off those legs

Yep, there’s no time like summer to show off some skin. And what better way on doing that than with the summer lovin’ skirts and shorts? Luckily, the range of designer skirts and shorts is so wide, that there is a skirt and shorts for every body shape out there. Lace  shorts, this age not too short as the previous one and A-line skirts are the pieces for almost every occasion, expect dinner in an elegant restaurant of course.

Summer jumpin’

Jumpsuit has made its way to summer essentials quite unexpected. Really, no one expected it will become such hit. But what’s there not to expect? It’s a shirt and pants all in one. It’s body flattering and they come in various patterns, colors and materials. It can be your go-to choice for walk in the park, evening out or even a beach.

Enjoy your summer essentials and rock them on the ordinary people catwalks: clubs, beaches, parks, restaurants.

Peter is a fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine from Brisbane, Australia. Graduated from Australian Institute Of Creative Design. He worked as a style assistant for many local fashion events in Brisbane. Combining all his skills and experience along with his complete and utter passion for fashion, he is planning to launch own independent styling business.
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