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Friday Faves: Nashona

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Tee: Everlane // Skirt: Nashona (same style, different fabric) // Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Rockport (won in a giveaway, similar)

It's no secret that I love Nashona skirts!!  This is the second one that I own, and I couldn't be more excited about this vibrate pattern.  It is so dang happy!

I styled it here as a summer/early fall outfit.  But, as the weather quickly becomes cooler here I am thinking of ways to wear it for the fall/winter.  I'm thinking brown tights and boots with a cardigan thrown over the tee.  And I might have to purchase a Nashona necklace to go with it!

What do you think?

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All black with blue

Fall Office Fashion

Fall Office Fashion

Fall Office Fashion

Fall Office Fashion

Fall Office Fashion

Fall Office Fashion

Top: Loft // Skirt: Larry Levine (thrifted, similar) // Necklace: House of Harlow (via Rocksbox)
Shoes: Bandolino (similar) // Clutch: Urban Expressions (similar)

I am always a fan of all-black outfits.  I used to wear completely black outfits quite often, but now I like to throw in a different color as well.  Blue is my go-to accent color with black.

Doesn't this necklace fit the neck opening of the top so incredibly well?  I have worn this necklace and top together many times.  I am so glad I kept this necklace from one of my Rockboxes.

And speaking of Rocksbox, I'll be showing you all my most recent box tomorrow!

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Getting Ready for ALL the Halloween Candy

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Treats4All #CollectiveBias

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 10

During the work week, I am quite the stickler about our evening routine.  We come home, we eat, we finish the boys' homework, and then we do baths and bed time.  Every year, on Halloween, we find a way to fit it all in and have fun at the same time.  Usually, I cook a meal ahead of time and quickly heat it up for dinner.  This year, I'm making it a little easier on myself.  I also want them to be full before they try to eat all of the Halloween candy.

I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a box of Hot Pockets.  My Wal-Mart is conveniently close to my office, so I went there during my lunch hour.  Since our kids love pepperoni pizza, I decided to get the pepperoni Hot Pockets.

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 1

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 2

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 3

There are a couple things that help us squeeze everything in between school and trick-or-treating.  I let the kids eat outside.  They actually eat better when they sit out on the deck, so I don't have to nag at them every two minutes to eat.  I also serve things they love -- Hot Pockets, corn, my homemade mac'n'cheese, and sliced apples.  Again, no nagging for them to eat.  They finish eating in time to look over home work and get into their costumes.

Luckily, Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so we won't have to work about homework!

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 4

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 5

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 6

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 7

Even the cats want in on the dinner!

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 8

My sweet little Izzie was excited about dinner.  When gets super excited, she'll say "thank you" to anyone who's within a two-foot radius (slight exaggeration).  She hopped up and said "thank you, thank you!!"

And with that, we're ready for costumes!

Nestle Halloween 2014 #Treats4All 9

So.... anyone else have kids who want to dress in the same costume?  They could not be convinced to get different costumes, so we have two Hiccups (from How to Train Your Dragon 2).

Unfortunately, Izzie does not like costumes, so I don't have a picture of her in one.  But, just like I'm prepared for dinner, I already have a costume set aside for her in case she changes her mind the night of Halloween!

I'd love to hear your tips for squeezing it all in for Halloween night!

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Stitch Fix October 2014

After my September Stitch Fix, I was obviously super excited for my next fix.  This one was a little disappointing, but I really love the item I kept.  Here's what I got!

I'm going in order of least-loved to most-loved.

Stitch Fix October 2014

Fate Mazzy Colorblocked Button-Up Cardigan, size M, $68

This was so bulky and grandpa-ish on me, it was a definite no.  As in, the moment I pulled it out of the box I knew I wouldn't keep it.  It was really cozy, but not in a stylish way.

Stitch Fix October 2014

41Hawthorn Filber Polka Dot Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse, size M, $58

I LOVE this top, but I got stuck in it.  Obviously, it was a size too small.  It's super cute, though!

Stitch Fix October 2014

Kensie Jeans Sophia Ankle Length Skinny Jean, size 14, $88

These jeans are amazing!!  I felt so comfortable in them.  I didn't have the money in my budget at the time, but I've requested them for my next fix.  It was really hard to send them back, but I didn't want to go over budget this month.

Stitch Fix October 2014

Urban Expressions Rex Hardware Detail Crossbody Hobo Bag, $68

This was another item that was hard to let go.  I saw this purse on Stitch Fix's Pinterest boards, and I specifically requested it.  It was very nice, and I like that there are multiple ways to wear it.  Not only was it not in my budget this month, I also felt like it had too much going on.  I was on the fence about it liking it, but I did have to send it back so I wouldn't go over budget.

Stitch Fix October 2014

Olive & Oak Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt, size M, $48

This shirt is so comfortable.  I forget that fitted shirts are actually slimming on me.  This is the second well-fitting top that Stitch Fix has sent to me.  I still regret sending back the one from my last fix, so kept this one!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  I think it's so much fun, and I already have my next one scheduled!!

Sparkles and marshmallows

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Dress:  Secondhand (similar) // Necklace; Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (thrifted, similar)
Photos by Em Grey

If I told you that the most expensive item in this outfit was the necklace, would you believe me?

Given my thrifty-deal-hunting-tendencies, you probably would.

Yup, this $6.80 necklace was more expensive than the dress ($3) and the shoes ($4.39).

I am so glad I had Em take pictures of this outfit for me.  I originally wore this to an engagement party for my husband's cousin.  We were so rushed that day (isn't that another theme in my life?) and I didn't have time to take pictures.  I love this dress.  The fabric is thick yet comfortable, and I like the sparkly details on the hem.  I feel feminine and classy.

The ironic thing is that I'll be missing Em's next Blogger's Day Out to do something so not sparkly.  My family will be camping with our boys' cub scout pack.  So, yeah ... pretty much the exact opposite of getting glammed up to take pictures.

But, honestly?  I'll take a roasted marshmallow over sparkles any day. #keepinitreal

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Bon Look Review: A Tale of Two Glasses

Bon Look Review 1

Bon Look Review 2

Bon Look Review 3

This past month, I decided to order some new glasses.  I've had my Warby Parker Nedwins for a couple years, and I've been ready for a change.  Priscilla from The Readables has amazing glasses, and I saw on Twitter that she has the Socialites from Bon Look.  After thinking on it for a few weeks, I decided to order them.  These are $99.

I was a little nervous, since I couldn't try them on prior to ordering them. However, their 30-day return policy made me feel better.  I could at least return them if they didn't work out.  The ordering process was very easy, since I already had my prescription from my last eye appointment.  I had to scan and upload a picture of it, and that was it!

I received an update when they shipped, and they were at my front door two days later.  I love them!

I took this picture after I received them (and there are about a million pictures of my wearing them in yesterday's post).

(iPhone pic.  sorry.)

So, when I was ordering these I took the style quiz that Bon Look offers on the site, and it kept recommending the Glamazons to me.  The more I looked at those, the more I loved them.  But, since the Socialites had caught my eye first (pun intended.  womp womp.), I went with them.  Well.. a week later I decided to go back and look at the Glamazons on the site, and they were marked down to $79.  I decided to get them, too, since I like to switch up my glasses.

These are the Glamazons.  Please excuse the ridiculous pose.  I took this for a thumbnail of the video I uploaded last Friday.
Bon Look Review 4

Overall, I am pretty pleased with Bon Look's service.  The minimal experience I had with their customer service was pleasant.  I am also pleased with the quality of the frames.  The only negative aspect was the smell of the Glamazons when I took them out of the box.  They had a heavy plastic scent, but that went away within in a day.

Have you ever ordered from Bon Look before?  Any styles you think I should try?

p.s.  I am not affiliated with Bon Look in any way.  I paid for these glasses with my own money.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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