Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost a FOTD

Hi, my name is Rebecca.

And I'm addicted to a makeup palette.

Here it is.

Isn't it pretty?  You can use it any day, every day, with every outfit.  And also while naked.  Maybe hence the name?  Anyways.

I find I'm perpetually in a rush in the morning.  I have 4-5 alarms to wake me up and I still can't get up on time.  When I'm rushed, I grab this palette.  When I'm not rushed, I grab this palette.  Want to look smashing?  I grab this palette.  There are twelve colors in this eyeshadow arrangement, so you would think that with those unlimited possibilities that I'd be creating different looks every day.  Or, you know, maybe every other day.

Not so.  Naked rut, meet Rebecca.  Rebecca, meet Naked rut.  You two will be such good friends!

At that link up there, do you see those light shades on the left side of the palette?  Virgin, Sin, and Naked?  Those are my faves.  I use them every day.  Sometimes I throw in Buck for some spice.  And maybe Darkhorse for liner (using eyeshadow as liner is a whole other topic).  I need to get out of this rut before my favorites are gone, gone, gone and I can't justify buying another one of these palettes when there are 6+ eyeshadows still not used in it.  So, this morning I quickly (as I was in a hurry, of course) stepped out of my comfort zone and used different colors.  Kind of.

I took Toasted (hellooooo, right side of the palette!) and swept it all over my lid and blended it into the crease.  Then I patted the tip of my fluffy eyeshadow brush from Eco Tools into Buck and tapped it into my crease without blending.  I find that buck is a little too dark for me to blend out in my crease, so I like to use it for subtle definition.  Badda bing!  Then, I used the eyeshadow brush that came with the palette to apply some Darkhorse on my upper lashline as eyeliner and then a tiny bit on the lower lash line.

It's quite nice.  Not so far away from my comfort zone that I'm running back to the light colors, but definitely different.

Maybe tomorrow I can bring myself to use another different color...

So, what do you think of the Naked palette?  Do you have it?  Would you buy it?  If you own it, are you in a rut like me or do you create endless varieties from all these lovely colors?


  1. I don't have the naked palette but I do have the same makeup that I wear everyday that I should probably change up. But it's nice to have something you know looks good.

  2. i feel like hustle and sidecar would work well together...

    i, too, have a total makeup rut. but i'm in no rush to do anything about it.