Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Birchbox Haul

It's Birchbox time!  I'm probably a little behind in posting my haul, as I've already seen quite a few on youtube.  My box arrived some time last week and this is the first time I've gotten a chance to take pictures of it.

Every month, Birchbox has a theme.  This month's theme is Prep & Finish.  In their letter to the Birchbox members, they say "fall is a time to get back to business and look good doing it."  The box is filled with products that will "help you prep and polish skin, body, and hair."

Yes, please!

My box included:

+Befine BeLips Lip Exfoliator from the BeLips Duo (the duo comes with the exfoliator and a serum).
I've heard of this brand before -- and heard good things, so I am excited to try this one.  My lips get super dry and chapped and especially in the fall/winter.  My go-to lip exfoliator has been Mary Kay's Satin Lips for the past few years.  It will be nice to branch out and try something new!

+Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream.  This sample sounds interesting.  The night cream that I use now is from Aveeno, and it hasn't been my ... favorite so far.  Although, I will use the whole jar before I purchase a new cream!  (I might be a beauty product addict, but I am a frugal one .. and I hate waste)  While the Caudalie night cream costs $68 a pop, it won't be at the top of my skin care priority list.  I prefer to 'skimp' on things that I use every single day.

+Laura Geller Spackle.  Oh, goodness.  Laura Geller.  I have only tried one product from her makeup line, and it was so amazing I am convinced that everything she makes is gold.  In my first Birchbox, I received one of her blush-n-brightens (a full size!  wooooo!  ... can you tell I'm still excited about it?) and it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful blush I have ever put on my cheeks.  So, even though I was sent the color Bronze, I am already convinced that Spackle is going to be my next favorite makeup product.  I've read on Birchbox's site and heard in a couple youtube videos that this color looks good on every skin color.  We'll see tomorrow!  I'm going to try it sans foundation, as the description says that you can use it as a primer under foundation or solo to achieve a beautiful glow.

+Orofluido Beauty Elixir.  This product makes me skeptical.  Anything oil-y that is supposed to go in my hair kind of makes me go all O.o.  My hair gets pretty oily if I go one day without washing it, and it easily gets weighed down with the addition of too many products.  I have tried quite a few oil-ish products (Aveda's Smoothing Fluid Lotion, Moroccan Oil, Oscar Blandi's serum, and more recently the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse / Multi-usage Dry Oil) and the only ones that have impressed me are Aveda's and Moroccan Oil's.  Oscar Blandi's, for some odd reason, made my hair static-y.  And my hair was stringy-looking by the end of the day.  The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse also made it stringy.  Birchbox hasn't had a good track record, with me, as far as hair treatments goes!  I will give this product a fair shake, though.

+My extra items are the Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner.  And I received two packets of each!  This makes me super happy, because hair samples go a long way with my short hair.  This is another expensive product.  The shampoo is $36 and the conditioner is $39, so this is completely out of my budget.  Really out of my budget.  As in, I buy Suave and Aussie.  ...Yeah.  I might spend $36 in a year for my hair washing/conditioning products.  Using these products will definitely be a treat!

I'm excited to write reviews for these products in the next month.  The main reason that I get Birchbox is that I love trying new beauty products.  It's fun, to me, to find things that work better or to know things don't work and that I shouldn't waste my money on them.  $10 might sound like a lot to spend on samples, but for me it's cheap fun.  I've found some new holy grail products this year, simply because I subscribe to Birchbox.  There will be a post in the near future talking about my favorite Birchbox samples that I decided to purchase in their shop.

And, with that, I bid you adieu!  I need my beauty sleep...

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