Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

Dang pinterest.  Taking up all mah times.

On a lighter note, I bought project supplies for the Pinterest Challenge over on Bower Power's blog (which I read about via Young House Love). 

Let us back up, though.  When I first read the post on YHL, I didn't give it much thought because -ahem- I kind of hadn't figured out Pinterest yet.  Yes..  I know.  What is there to get?  I dunno.... things just didn't work for me.  And then I realized I had to make boards before I could pin things.  Which makes so much sense!  I guess my pins were just falling on the floor before I made the boards, heh.

Eliza made me do a double-take when she posted a couple of her pins on her blog.  That blue necklace is so pretty.  And I have, literally, far too many beads for someone who doesn't do beading anymore.  So, a necklace it is.

The photo has been properly pinned.  The (minimal) supplies have been purchased.  The beads have been extracated from their hiding spot in the closet.  I am very excited to work on this project this weekend.  And to figure out an outfit with which to wear it.

Oh, btw, I have another project for this weekend.  Um.  I need to figure out how to fix up my hair a la Cat Woman (Miss Kitka, not Selena Carlisle) for Halloween on Monday. 

My boys are going to be ecstatic when Cat Woman makes an appearance at our house on Monday...


  1. Ahhh Pinterest can take up SO MUCH TIME... but it's so fun :)

  2. yay, pinterest challenge! can't wait to see your necklace!