Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - fini

Last week, I posted about the Pinterest Challenge proposed over on Bower Power's blog.  Eliza posted about a pin that I couldn't stop thinking about.  It was a blue necklace originally posted on More Design Please, which I re-pinned here.

My plan was to use some turquoise beads I had left over from making a bracelet years ago.  I dug through my beads to find them and it turns out ... I didn't have enough.  Okay, that was fine.  I have a lot of beads, so I thought I could do a cool pattern/color combo.  I dug through the beads some more, and I even went to Michael's to find some beads in a color/size that would look good with the turquoise.

I thought I had hit a good deal, because the beads were 50% off and I had a 20%-off coupon that included sales prices (rare for Michael's!).  But, none of the colors/sizes in my price range (as close to free as possible) were really calling to me, so I decided to revisit the proverbial drawing board and use beads I already have in a different color/size.

In my bead box, I found a small container of wooden beads in different natural shades that was unopened.  I was 99% sure that I would have enough beads!  The size of the wooden beads is much larger than the turquoise ones, so braiding the beads was out of the question.  Unless, you know, I wanted my whole neck to be decorated with wooden beads.  Which I didn't.

The assembly was very easy!  I cut four equal lengths of stretchy beading thread, threaded two and tied them together and repeated with the other two.  I attached the bead tips to the ends, positioning them over the knots in the thread and looping a jump ring through the loop in the bead tip on each end of each string (confusing?  I should've taken pictures...).  Then, I attached those to another jump ring and attached that jump ring to the chain.  (I couldn't fit two jump rings through the hole in the chain)


After I took off some of the length of the chain on each side, it fit perfectly:

I love it.  LOVE it!  Monday was our fall festival at work, so I paired this with an orange tank top and brown sweater.  I got a lot of compliments on it.

And it looks like dried corn!  Not, as I said to a coworker, the gross left-out-too-long dried variety.  But, more like the pretty, decorative, multi-colored variety.  Perfect for our fall festival!

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  1. ooooh! it turned out really pretty! it looks like it will go with a lot!