Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Favorite Birchbox Purchases

Birchbox e-mailed me this week to tell me that my box was going to be late, or else I would have been posting about my December box today.  Since I don't have a box yet, I thought it might be fun to go through my previous boxes and post about my favorite products that I found through Birchbox.  Being a makeup and beauty-product junkie, I love trying new products.  In that way, Birchbox is very exciting for me. 

Now, Birchbox isn't free.  It costs $10 per month to be sent a box.  As much as I like trying samples, it's not exactly worth it to me to just pay $10 per month to try out new products.  I need to actually be trying things that I will like and use on a regular basis.  In other words, I want to be finding my new favorite products.  So, here is the little collection of my new favorite products that I found through Birchbox.

In my very first Birchbox shipment, I received a sample of Ahava's Mineral Hand Cream.  I instantly fell in love with it.  I have purchased the full-size product.  Twice.  Just so I would have a back up.  But, I won't need the back up for quite some time because I use so little.  You know, to make it last as long as possible.  I am super picky about hand cream.  It can't be to scented or too sticky or too moisturizing.  Ahava's hand cream is perfect and has a lovely scent.  I use it every night before I go to bed.  And then I stick my hand under my hubby's nose so he can smell it, too.

In my July Birchbox, I was very happily surprised to have received a full size Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Highlight in Portofino/Como.  Before I really got into makeup and beauty products, I didn't use blush.  Ever.  I use this one practically every day.  It gives a beautiful glow to my cheeks.

In the same box, I had received a sample of the Pangea Organics Toner for Normal to Oily Skin.  This is a toner that you mist on your face.  I purchased the full size and use this every morning.  For the record, I use a cotton ball and a Clinique toner in the evening to insure I get all my makeup off my face.  The Pangea toner not only makes my skin feel refreshed in the morning, it also gives me a little aromatherapy boost.  It smells fresh and natural.

Now, this next product is not something that I have purchased yet but I plan to very soon in the future (when I'm out of my current face wash).  It is Philosophy's Purity Made Simply One-Step Facial Cleanser.  This cleanser is awesome.  It takes off all your makeup, including waterproof mascara.  When I was using this sample, my face felt incredibly fresh and clean.  It was so effective at removing my makeup, that I never had makeup residue on my toner cotton ball in the evening!

In my September box, I fell in love with the Jouer Lip Enhancer.  This was not only the product of the month for Birchbox (every month there is one product that is a best seller, and if you purchased it, you get extra Birchbox points), but it was also backordered that month!  This is a lip balm that moisturizes and plumps your lips a bit.  I don't use it for the lip plumping -- it just feels amazing!

Lastly, how could I not write about nail products?  I have received two Zoya polishes from Birchbox and purchased one from their shop.  Not only does Zoya concoct beautiful nail polish colors, but their polishes are also free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and camphor.  And they are not as smelly as other polishes that I've used.  The colors that I have (and love) are Pandora, Dannii (that color sold out, but it's from the collection at the link), and Noel.

I hope this was a fun read for those of you who enjoy makeup and beauty products.  Are there any 'holy grail' beauty products that you can't live without?


  1. to be honest, i don't use much makeup at all... but recently i have completely fallen in love with korres mango butter lipstick. it smells lovely, it goes on smooth, and it feels like chapstick. love love love it.

  2. @ifandany

    I'll have to try the lipstick. I have the lip butter in the pot and the gloss tube-y thing.