Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

I hereby declare every Tuesday, Thrifty Tuesday!   Well.. at least here on this little ol' blog of mine.  It might not be Thrifty Tuesday everywhere, but rest assured that if you stop by here on a Tuesday, I will be sharing my thrifty finds with you.

So, let's start this first Thrifty Tuesday with some purchases I made on my birthday, December 2.  It felt fitting to spend my birthday doing what I love, which is rifling through my Goodwill for a new outfit.  Or three.

This sheer blouse was actually the first thing I decided to buy.  It's a Kristin Davis sheer flower print blouse.  You can't see the sleeves (my shaky hands couldn't hold the camera and hold the sleeve up at the same time and take a non-blurry photo), but they have ties at the wrists.  Ruffles and floppy bows?  Yes, please!

I'm not usually one for sheer blouses, but this one couldn't be passed by.  I love the floral pattern.  I've already worn this twice (with the following item).

This is a brown wool Talbots skirt.  I picked this up, put it back, and immediately picked it up again.  Do you ever do that?  Sometimes I just put something back on the rack to see if I really, really want it.  And I did, so it came home with me.  I've paired it with the Kristin Davis blouse.

This is a purple 3/4-length sleeve East 5th (I'm guessing a J.C. Penney brand?) stretchy shirt.  I'm not sure how other people shop at the Goodwill, but I shop for shirts by color.  I go down the aisle of shirts/blouses and look strictly at the colors and pick up what looks pretty to me.  This one caught my eye.  I've been looking for a deep purple shirt for a while.

Every Goodwill trip must result in one regret, and this is mine.  This is a B. Moss knit shell.  I'm assuming it was sold with a matching cardigan.  I thought it would look nice under a flowy cardigan (much like the next item).  The color is a lovely grey, but the bottom hem hits me at the wrong spot.  I might wear this tucked into higher-waisted pants.

I'd be lying if I said that I picked this cardigan up strictly for the cut, color, and pockets.  I didn't.  When my eye caught the label 'Vera Wang', I did a double take.  Of course, it's the Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl's.  I just don't expect to see anything like 'Vera Wang', from Kohl's or otherwise, at my local Goodwill.  I've been looking for a cardigan like this -- flowy, neutral, and comfy enough to throw over anything while I'm heading out the door.  The pockets are an added bonus.

That was hit for my purchases during that shopping trip.  I frequent the Goodwill every week, which makes me wonder why I didn't start sharing sooner!


  1. i love thrifting! unfortunately, there aren't really many thriftstores in my area. i have to drive at least a half hour to get to any. i think that sheer blouse is the winningest. but i love sheer blouses.

  2. @ifandany

    Thank you! It was definitely my fave from that day.