Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

This week's Thrifty Tuesday is not brought to you by my local Goodwill, but rather by a coworker's niece.  A coworker brought in a tub of clothes that her niece was selling.  That's right -- the secondhand clothes are coming to me now!  I bought all of this for $10.

This first sweater, by Mossimo, was already featured in my last outfit post.  It's soft and fuzzy and fits me perfectly.  And cost $4.  What more could I ask of a sweater?

This second sweater is by Delia's.  Do you remember when Delia's was just a catalog?  I do.  Anyways... this sweater is a little shorter than I like my sweaters, so this will most likely be paired with a button-up.

These two shirts are going to be used as sleep shirts, since they're a bit on the tight side.  I like my sleep shirts cute!  The one on the left is by Exhilaration, and the one on the right is by American Eagle.  The designs are very pretty, and it's nice to have something to update my pajama clothes.  Pajama clothes are not something that I really think about.  I wear whatever fuzzy pajama pants are clean with whatever paint-stained shirt is clean.  These will be cute with all my fuzzy pj's.


  1. That top sweater is a great find... I love the boxy shape!


  2. @seekingstyleblog

    Thank you! That sweater is definitely one of my new faves.