Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

It's Thrifty Tuesday!  I am very excited to share this particular shopping trip.  I went to find a grey skirt and a red sweater and left with one of those items and much more.

The sweater area was kind to me this time.  I've been looking for a red sweater for a while, and this Polo Ralph Lauren Sport wool sweater was calling to me.  It's a tad short.  I'm going to look for a button-up to wear under it.  Ahhhh ... and the thrifting cycle continues.

The skirt area of Goodwill was not quite as friendly to me, as I was really wanting a light grey skirt.  I came across one that was a size too big, and then I found this Anne Klein black wool skirt that is a size too small.  But that's the beauty of skirts -- if they're too small (and, well, long enough), you can just wear them a bit higher and they still work.  

My favorite part of this skirt is the back.

This shirt is so comfy.  I have already worn this with a brown tank underneath, skinny jeans, and flats.  The brand of the shirt is Currants.  I've never heard of them before, but will definitely keep my eye out for this brand again.

This New York & Company tank has already been featured in an outfit post.  The front detail is too pretty not to photograph again, though.  I love how delicate the front panel looks against the crisp button bands and simple collar.

If I were to rank my purchases, this would be my least favorite.  However, I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this tank.  It's by Jones New York and it's 100% silk.  It's not very exciting to look at, but it will spruce up a sweater or two in the coming winter months.

This is now the granniest shirt that I own, and I love it.  This is by East 5th.  Please pardon the wrinkles. 

And now for the grand finale.  When I browse through the blouse section, I scan over the hangers and look for colors that I like.  This print stood out among all the others.  Um, obviously.  This is Michael by Michael Kors and I purchased it for $3.59.  The buttons threw me off at first.  At first, I was thinking about replacing them with some nice cream colored pearl-esque ones.  But, when I tried it on, the gold just added a certain something.  I'm still on the fence about the buttons.  But, the shirt?  Oh, the shirt stays.  It fits me like a glove.

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