Friday, December 30, 2011

Wear*It ... Friday?

I guess I'm a bit late for the Wear*It Wednesday over on For the Birds.  We'll just say I'm fashionably late, mmkay?  The theme was dresses and boots and since I got de boots, I'm bringing de funk.

Or not.  Whatever.

You can't tell from the first pic but there are tiny blue polka dots all over the dress.  The print along the edge is my favorite part of the dress, plus it fits like it was made for me.

I guess you can rest assured that this scarf is going to be popping up on a regular basis.

Dress:  Red Camel, via Goodwill
Scarf (gifted): Serrv
Tights and Knee Socks: Target
Boots:  Target


  1. Fashionably late is better than not at all! :) The print on the scarf is so pretty.. happy almost new year! ♥Rachel (for the birds)

  2. There you go, wearing that perfect scarf again! I love it!

  3. @Rachel Thank you and Happy Almost New Year!

    @threadsandbuttons ;)

  4. I love the pattern of your scarf! <3 What a beauty!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  5. i'm so pleased you are doing more picture posts now! hoooray! (dresses that fit like they are made for you are the best! and so hard to find!)

  6. @Jo Thank you!!

    @ifandany Me, too. It took a while for me to figure out a good spot to take pics by myself.