Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Welcome back to another Thrifty Tuesday!

I am still searching for the perfect red skirt, and I thought I had found it.  Until I got home.  I bought this:

This skirt is a size 8.  I can wear anything from a 4 to a 10 in skirts (weird, right?).  There's no brand tag in it.  I probably should have examined it a little more closely in the store, because I could barely put it on.  And let's just forget about zipping it.  To be fair (to the skirt and my hips), I think it's just the lining that's too tight.  I'm still going to look for the perfect red skirt, but I might toy around with removing the lining of this one.

This next skirt is one that I've been eyeing for about a month.  I told myself that if it was still there this time, I would get it.

I love these pleats!  This is by Worthington, which thoroughly surprised me.  I rarely bought J.C. Penney's Worthington brand when I worked there.  Their selection has obviously improved.

I thought this shirt would look smashing with the red skirt, but really, it's just smashing.  I can't pass up a good ruffle, emphasis on the good.  My inner Gleek* thought that the brand's name was heelarious.  New Directions!

And last, but certainly not least as I have been eyeing the black sweater section of my Goodwill for a couple months looking for a new one, I bought this sweater.  I've been wanting a simple black sweater for work.  Just one of those 'throw on and go' type things that I don't have to worry about matching with a certain pair of pants or a skirt.  This one is perfect.  And the simple details on the cuffs sold it for me.

I think I did well this shopping trip, even with the too-tight red skirt.  I mean, I did talk myself out of buying a pair of cream, high-waisted sailor pants.  Small victories, right?

*Actually, let's be serious.  There is no 'inner' about my Gleek-y tendencies.


  1. whooo! thrifting. i just went yesterday. maybe i shall share my findings....

    good finds, all. hope the red skirt works out! (i've been keeping my eye out for some bright red pants or skirt, too....)

  2. @ifandany

    Share! I want to see!