Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Wishlist of Sorts

I briefly mentioned in a recent post that I had cleared my closet of two large bags of clothing.  My goal (unintentional as it was -- I went into the closet to put away laundry) was to clean out the clothing that doesn't fit me now.  And by fit, I mean literally and personally.  Over half of my clothing is from before my husband and I got married, which means that's also before we started having kids.  Most of that clothing just wasn't my style anymore, so it was very easy to weed those out.  It was hard to get rid of the things that I still love but can't fit into anymore, but I just look at it as an opportunity to go thrifting!

Since my closet has been cleared out, I feel like I can see it better.  I am realizing that there are things missing that could make my closet better.  I've started a mental check list of things to look for when I'm browsing the Goodwill racks.

Specific Items:
Slim black skirt for work
Wide, stretchy brown belt, preferably with an interesting detail

Blue/white striped button-up
Long-ish black cardigan

In General:
Cardigans (this is a given.  you can never have too many.  i need some exciting colors)
A couple neutral, slouchy-ish sweaters (I'll know it when I see it)
Stripes anything (shirts mostly, maybe a skirt)
Sheer blouses
Interest skirts

That's my list for now.  I'm sure I'll step into my closet and think of something else to add to it.

Do you keep a shopping list for your closet?  Let me know what you're hunting for!


  1. I need to make my list less mental and more hard copy-ish so that I don't get distracted at the thrift stores. I have lots of wishes that are on your list as well, like the interesting skirts, STRIPES, slouchy sweaters, fun colored cardis, and of course lots more... ;)

    1. It's so, so easy to get distracted in thrift stores. My brain goes 'cheap clothes! buy all the cheap clothes!'