Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fourth Outfit

Top:  LOFT, gifted
Sweater: LOFT, thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Pants: LOFT, gifted

 I got a little tired of just standing and smiling.  I'm not sure why I thought this would look better.

 Bracelet:  Baublebar, via Birchbox.

Shoes:  Not Rated
Nail Polish:  L'Oreal's Target Red
Now, I may be a ham, but these shoes are the stars of the show today.  I bought these on clearance from a Journey's a few years ago... in fact, it was about 4 years ago.  The reason I know that is because I was pregnant with son #2 then, and he's going to be 4 soon..  Being with child at the time, I had no business buying shoes like these!  I should have been wearing miu miu's and slippers!  And putting my feet up!

But, no, I was galavanting around a mall with a friend buying the most awesome shoes ever.  These shoes have been in the back of the closet (literally and figuratively) for years.  I have worn them twice before this day.  It's a crime, I tell you.  

Here's to remixing these crazy shoes!


  1. I love adding pieces like that to a remix, it forces you to play around with them and find some great new ways to wear something you love but have a hard time putting on. This outfit is great! That blouse is such a pretty color, and so lovely on you.

    1. Thank you!! These shoes are definitely my wild card.

  2. Absolutely Great.