Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Third Outfit

Brrrr, it's getting cold here!  I guess the groundhog was right.  It feels like winter all over again.  This sweater was thrown in my mix at the last minute, and I kind of sort of regretted it.  But now, I'm glad I have this sweater to throw over tops when I'm going to work.

Top:  LOFT, gifted
Sweater:  Worthington, thrifted
Belt:  unknown brand, thrifted
Necklace: gift from years ago
Pants:  To The Max, thrifted
Shoes: Merona

Lesson learned for this outfit:  don't wear these pants with flats.  My husband took my picture (when I was wearing the flats) and handed me the camera.  I instantly said, "Uh-uh.  Hold on a minute."  So, I switched to one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  It just wouldn't be a good remix without these wedges.


  1. Cute thrifted sweater! I love that necklace too :)

  2. Haha! My husband gets SO upset when I want to change something after he has already taken photos, but sometimes you just have to you know?! I really like that sweater. It looks so soft, warm, and elegant :)

    1. I know! He looked confused when I handed him the camera again. :)