Friday, February 3, 2012

Wearing Red Today

I have no outfit post today, and that is due to three reasons:

+ the boys wouldn't stay in bed last night (which is when I wanted to take a picture)
+ I was busy getting my grocery list together for today (couponing, man)
+ I was also getting ready for a 30 for 30 that I'm starting on Monday (um, yay)

I am so very excited to be doing a 30 for 30.  Eliza is doing one, too! 

A couple thoughts on the 30 for 30:

+ I need to learn how to remix the items in my closet. I feel like I wear the same combinations all the time.
+ Patterns are scarce in my closet.  Must remedy this.
+ No thrifting during the 30 for 30, simply because I want to have a clear head about what I need vs. what I want.
+ Well.... I can buy something if it's extremely awesome
+ Why would I be in a thrift store if I'm not supposed to be thrifting?
+ I think I have a problem with thrifting.
+ I'm pretty much picking out my favorite clothing items to remix.  Maybe having my closet cleared of those 30 items will shed light on the items I shouldn't keep anymore.
+ And then I'll have more room in my closet.
+ So I can shop some more.

It's a vicious cycle, isn't it?

Tell me your thoughts on the 30 for 30!  Have you done one?  Did you like it?  Did you shop during it?  Would you do it again?  Also, has Kendi stopped doing them?

p.s.  my outfit to day is: this shirt, these pants, this belt, these shoes, this necklace.  peace out, my homies.


  1. I was wondering the same thing about Kendi and her 30 for 30s. I think she just did one for every season and called it good. Plus I'm guessing opening her new shop made her a bit too busy. But I miss them for sure! I did one last summer and loved it. I didn't shop the whole time and I felt like I learned a lot about my style, the things I needed in my closet, the things I DIDNT need, and my remixing ability. You really can do so much with so little. You're going to love it!

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  3. Oh yay, I can't wait to follow your 30x30! I did one when I first started my blog during the summer, and it was so much fun. It was a bit tiring towards the end, but it really does force you to remix your clothes in a way you wouldn't have normally thought to. I gave up shopping during the challenge as a way to force myself to focus on what I really need and don't need (ok, I lied... I thrifted a few times). I ended up donating a bunch of clothes at the end and I feel like the whole process really helped my style.