Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Few Reviews For You

This month, I participated in a program through Influenster.  Influenster a type of social media where consumers can log in and chat about the products that Influenster is letting their members review.  Basically, when you sign up, you answer different questionnaires to earn badges.  You can earn badges for being eco-friendly, being a blogger, etc.  The more badges you earn, the better chance you have at getting a free box of products to review.  I decided 'what the heck!  free stuff the review?  sign me up!'

This month's Vox Box (which is what they are called) was called the Love Vox Box.  It included nail fashion strips, an artificial sweetener, a razor that's come out fairly recently, a bar of chocolate, and a box of tea samples.

First up, the nail strips.  Really, really not my thing.  I like my polish shiny, liquid, and one color.  I don't even care all that much for those irridescent polishes.  And nail polish designs that I like are few and far between.  But!  For the sake of experiment, I tried these out.  On a pinky nail.  They were extremely easy to apply.  If I ever feel the need to purchase nail strips and I find them in a solid color that I like, I would definitely buy these.  It was quick and easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

Next, the 'artificial' sweetener.  I say 'artificial,' because it's meant to be an alternative to sugar but it comes naturally from a leaf.  I'm not much for alternatives to sugar.  I prefer to eat things wholey and naturally.  Sugar is fine in moderation, so I see no need to find an alternative for myself.  I was curious if this was just as good as sugar, so I used it in my coffee (I use honey in tea).  I was surprised that I couldn't taste a huge difference!  It's not something that I would purchase, unless we were having company over who doesn't use sugar in their coffee.

This next product, a Gillette Venus & Olay razor, was one of my absolute favorites in the box.  It's a new razor that has five blades and two moisture bars.  The box stated that you don't need shaving cream when you shave with it, which is something about which I was skeptical.  I have tried razor blades before that had moisture bars that were substitutes for shaving cream, and they just never quite cut the cake.  The razor and the moisture bars weren't flexible enough to get a close shave.

This razor was amazing!  I'm not sure if it was the five blades or the two flexible moisture bars, but this is definitely the best razor I have ever used.  I should probably mention that I have dark, coarse hair and that my skin is also very sensitive.  So sensitive, in fact, that if I look at it wrong I get razor burn.  I didn't get, and still haven't gotten, razor burn from using this razor.  It most definitely can be used without shaving cream.  In fact, I have been saving this razor for the days that I have, like, zero minutes to shave.  (so, basically, this has become my weekday razor)

Ahhh, chocolate.  Who doesn't love chocolate?  This is a new bar that's come out by Ghirardelli.  It is 32% cacao milk chocolate.  Now, me, I am a dark chocolate kind of gal.  And I like it with a side of coffee (har har).  So, the fact that I nommed this up in two days says something about this chocolate.  It was smooth and very yummy!

This would be my other absolute favorite from the box.  I am a fan of Stash teas, so this was so exciting to get in my box!  My review is probably completely biased.  I enjoy all kinds of teas, so I didn't have a stand out favorite from this sample box.  Just know that if you like tea and haven't tried this brand or if you're getting into teas, this is a great brand to start with!  It's easily accessible and affordable.  This box of samples had everything a variety of almost everything from lemon ginger to green tea to mango passionfruit, it was so nice to explore these new flavors.


  1. i've been uber tempted by nail strips recently. i think it's sally hensen who recently launched a new line of them that is much more updated? they have a solid gold glitter one that has been tempting me, and around christmas they had some white and red fair isle looking ones... but they are like $10, and i don't spend that on a bottle of nail polish that will last me til the kingdom come, much less just one use (however long it's supposed to hold up).

    glad to hear about the razor! i, too, have SUPER sensitive skin, and my skin HATES most shaving cream. the only kind i can use is aveeno sensitive skin.

    1. I used to use the Aveeno sensitive skin! Then, one morning, I had run out of it and didn't have a back up bottle. I grabbed my husband's Barbasol Beard Buster and loved it. It gave me a much closer shave then the Aveeno and didn't irritate my skin (I always get the one with aloe in it). And, the bonus, it's .89! Or... maybe it's .99. It's under a dollar, either way!

      I know what you mean about the nail strips. You're definitely paying for the convenience and flexibility of being able to 'polish' your nails anywhere, without the mess of liquid nail polish.

  2. Never heard of this! Awesome.

    That Gillette razor sounds amazing... my least favorite part of shaving is slathering cream everywhere, so this would be perfect! And that chocolate looks awesome :)

    Happy Wednesday!