Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Top & Pants:  LOFT, gifted
Sweater:  American Eagle
Shoes:  Merona
Necklace:  really freaking old

This marks the end of my winter 30 for 30.  I was totally manic about this whole thing.  One day, I loved it and the next day, I hated it.  Enough about my mental state, let's get to the stats.

My most worn shirt:  Blue LOFT button-up
Most worn sweater: Grey American Eagle pullover
Most worn pants: Grey LOFT
Most worn skirt:  tied between grey Worthington and brown Talbots
Most worn dress:  I never wore my dress!  say wha?
Most worn shoes:  Black Merona wedges

My top 3 favorite outfits are here, here, and here.
My bottom 3 least-favorite outfits are here, here, and here.

Overall, there were more days that I loved than days that I hated.  There are things I did that I hadn't done before -- wearing lots of neutrals together (i.e., brown shoes with grey pants), putting all sorts of shirts over or under button-ups, wearing a bajillion belts in different ways, and wearing the heck out of those black Merona wedges.  

Those poor things.  I'll need to give them a break now.

p.s.  My outfit from Sunday was actually a duplicate!  I knew why I had a feeling of doing it before -- because I had, here.   But, since that post featured two outfits, there were actually 30 outfits.  (not that anyone, except for yours truly, was counting)  Mmmkay?  Mmmkay!


  1. Yay! Congrats, you did it! This last outfit is really cute, I love that "freaking old" necklace ;)

    I noticed that I wore a lot of belts during my 30x30 too...which was good because it forced me to think of new ways to wear them!

    You should do a little recap showing all of the outfits together :)

    1. Thanks! I think I'm going to do that today (the recap, that is).

  2. wah-hoooooo! congratulations on finishing your first ever 30 for 30!

    did you learn stuff?

    1. Thank you, ma'am. Seriously! Thank you for 'pushing' me to do a 30 for 30 (not that you pushed me ... you strongly suggested-ish!). If you do a summer one, I would gladly participate. :)

  3. Congratulations! Great job : ) Love this last outfit! Gorgeous!



    1. Thank you! And it was comfy, to boot!

  4. YEA! You did it! These colors look really great together :) Now go enjoy all of your other clothes :)

    1. Thanks! It feels great to have access to the rest of my closet again.