Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello, Friday!

Top:  Faded Glory, thrifted
Sweater: Target
Belt:  Thrifted
Capris:  LOFT, gifted
Shoes:  Rampage

I'm taking this outfit to work and then to Harris Teeter and then back home with all the babes.  My husband and I are going grocery shopping sans children for the first time in almost five years.  I am not joking.

This weekend is all about hello's.  Hello, Friday!  Hello, Harris Teeter!  Hello, highway!  We'll be traveling on you to get to a little someone who gets to hear us say 'Hello!' for the first time.  We are going to visit the brand newest baby that was born in the family.  Will is an uncle!  And I am an aunt!  But, it's his brother, so he gets all the glory.  We are so, so excited!*

Happy Friday!

*this post was sponsored by exclamation points


  1. Haha, your little disclaimer made me smile. You seem to be in an EXTRA good mood today. I think I would be too if I was going to see a new baby soon AND I looked this cute! I feel like I say this to you a lot, but this may be one of my new favorite outfits from you :)

    1. How wonderful! That only means my outfits are getting better.

      Yes, I am very excited to see the new baby! It'll be nice to shake it up a bit and hand it back. ;)

  2. That is sososososososo exciting! And you look lovely in that plaid ;)