Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo-a-Day: Your Neighborhood & Bedside

Your Neighborhood

Saturday was very rainy and generally blah.  I didn't get out of the house except for one reason, and that was to pick up our weekly egg order from my friend.  Even then, I didn't think to take the camera with me.  So, this is how our neighborhood looks from our windows.  Out the back, that's the subdivision.  Out the front, um..  nothing, heh.  We live, literally, between the rich people and the farmers.  My original plan was to take a walk with the boys and get some shots of the fields in the back of the neighborhood, or even the historical road that's never been paved that used to house the county courthouse for the entire area.  Or of the very interesting and extremely old cemetery.  But rain.  Blah.  I'll take those pictures another day.




Two pictures (again), because I keep books on my bedside table.  I, ahem, can't fit all the books I'm reading or browsing through on my nightstand, so the large ones are either in my drawer or on my bookshelf.  My husband says he can't understand how I'm able to read multiple books at one time.  I must have literary ADD, because if I get bored with a book I start a new one and go back and forth between them for a while.

The books on my bedside, in no particular order:

The Just Bento Cookbook
Respect the Spindle
Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline
Living with the Active Alert Child
Out of Oz
The Creative Family
The Blade Itself
When did I get Like This?  (hilarious!)
The Lucky Shopping Manual

(side note:  I've been keeping Pride and Prejudice in my purse)

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