Monday, April 16, 2012

Highs and Lows

Tank:  Old Navy  /  Button-up:  Old Navy, thrifted (Similar style)  /  Skirt:  Adolfo, thrifted (Similar)  /  Shoes:  XAppeal, thrifted  (Similar style)

Please forgive my absence last week.  This is what I wore last Tuesday, after I had a stomach bug and before my daughter caught it.  Last week was a mixture of fun and ... not-fun.  Whenever someone asks me 'Good news or bad news first?' I always say bad news.  I'm a save-the-best-for-last kind of gal.  Let's start with the lows.

-- Getting a stomach bug on Easter morning and not making it to church or either of our TWO Easter lunch plans.  That felt doubly painful -- missing out on two family meals.

-- Little Miss Thang caught it after me.  Not cool.

-- Being absent from work is stressful.  'Nuff said.

Oh, boy.  Here are the highs!

+ I only had to work two days last week!

+ I got a couple more days home with the kids, and since it was their spring break I was liberal with the TV, frozen Go-Gurts, and Easter candy.  Par-tay!

+ I stayed up super late one night to finish The Hunger Games.  I read the majority of it in one night and started the second book the next day.  It's pretty good so far.

+Um.  I won the most awesome giveaway ever.  Seriously, if you don't follow Emma and Elsie's blog, do it!  They have a lot of interesting and creative DIY projects and awesome photography advice.  On Saturday, I received my first package from using one of the gift cards and have quite a few more things coming in the mail.  I dunno about doing a post about it.  Would you be interested in seeing the things I purchase and the things I won?  Let me know!


  1. That's a cute skirt, I like the color!

    xo Jennifer

  2. la-la-love the hunger games books (1 is the best, of course, but i still liked 2 & 3 a lot)!!! are you rooting for gale or peeta?

    that giveaway is off the hook! whoa! i, for one, wouldn't mind seeing the spoils, but that's up to you!

    1. Ahhh, I can't decide! I think I like Peeta a bit more.

      I know, right? I was in shock when she e-mailed me and told I won!