Monday, April 30, 2012

Makeup Monday: Zoya's Kate

I was super excited to get this nail polish in the mail this weekend from Birchbox.  Kate from The Small Things Blog inspired this color on a mood board contest through Zoya.  If you're on pinterest, I'm sure you've seen one or more pictures of her awesome hair tutorials.  She's also a fellow North Carolinian!

Kate explains the mood board contest here, so I'll just say that it's so pretty!  I bought the trio from Birchbox, and all three of the colors are lovely.  This one photographed a tad more orange than it looks in person.  It's definitely pinky-orange.  The other two polishes in the set are an orange and a shimmery/glittery orange-toned pink.

You can buy the trio from Birchbox here.  What do you think of the colors?


  1. What a pretty color! I really need to sign up for Birchbox!

  2. Oh that IS pretty! I think I love nail polish a little too much... HAHA

  3. You got such a better color then I did! haha :) love yours!

    1. Oh! Did you get a Zoya color in your recent Birchbox? Which one did you get?