Monday, April 2, 2012

The skirt that almost was...

 Tank (Similar) and Top (Similar):  Old Navy / Skirt (Similar):  Adolfo, thrifted / Belt (Similar):  Thrifted / Shoes:  Mossimo for Target

... my Easter skirt, that is. 
I've been going back and forth between this skirt and a pink/cream Ann Taylor skirt for my Easter outfit.  The pink/cream won out, mostly because I just wanted to wear this skirt yesterday.  As soon as we stepped out the door, I realized the short sleeves and skirt combination might not have been a good choice.  It was chilly yesterday morning!

I mentioned a while back that I want/need more stripes in my closet.  I haven't really found much at Goodwill, but I did decide to remix this top.  In my usual fashion, I would have put this with skinnies and a cardigan.  It's been refreshed and brought back to life with this blue skirt.  Um... plus, there's a slight stain at the bottom from when we were eating S'mores one night.  So, wearing it untucked isn't option any more!

Do you ever do that?  Stain your clothes and find different ways to wear them to hide said stain?


  1. i love this outfit! (and the natural light) it's a great spring outfit, sweet and a little sedate.

    i stain too many of my shirts :/. or they get those stupid tiny holes in them. i have about four like that, and i really need to figure out another solution... hmmm... maybe color dipped t-shirts? put the healthy part of two different t-shirts together?

    1. Thanks, Eliza! I love the light in our kitchen in the morning. Too bad I only get to experience it on the weekends. I've seriously considered doing all my photos on the weekend to utilize the light!

      Color dipped shirts! That sounds cool.

  2. Haha. I do that with shirts that are too short. I always wear them with high-wasited skirts and never jeans! Got to get creative when your clothing budget is limited! I think this outfit looks great on you!

    See Me Rwar

    1. I know, right! Gotta do what you gotta do...

      Thanks! I am loving high-waisted skirts right now.

  3. Cute look! I really like your skirt!


  4. Love the pastel color!

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