Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yes, please!

Top:  Michael by Michael Kors  /  Skirt:  Talbots  /  Shoes:  Land's End

 Silk shirt + favorite skirt + pointy flats with velvet bows + everything was thrifted?

Yes, please!

My apologies on the fuzziness of the shirt in the pics.  There is a close-up of the pattern here.  I love this shirt and was absolutely thrilled to get it at such an amazing price, but if you look in that linked entry in the previous sentence, it does not hit me at a flattering point on my hips.  It makes me look squat and wide-hipped.  As a mama of three, I do not need anything else to make me wide-hipped.

So, to solve the hippy problem, I did what I always do when shirts confuse me -- I tucked it in.

When in doubt, tuck it in!  ... No, that doesn't rhyme.

When in doubt, don't let it out!  Yes, that's right.


  1. Lovely look! Such a pretty pattern on the top. X