Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Top:  Vintage, with gift card I won  /  Skirt:  Vintage, thrifted  /  Belt:  Came with a top  /  Shoes:  Mossimo  /  Necklace:  Love Shopping Miami, with gift card I won

Cats, man.  We are being over run by cats.

Firstly, we have an indoor/outdoor cat named Tiger.  Secondly, we've had strays in our back yard since before we received Tiger as a Christmas present 2 1/2 years ago.  Three weeks ago today, the great-great-granddaughter cat from the first mama cat we saw in the woods almost 6 years ago gave birth to three kittens.

In our garage.  

We didn't know she was a girl until .... there were kittens in the garage.  So, now we have three bouncing baby kittens.  Two girls and a boy.

We're going to keep the boy.  Obviously.  And that mama that we didn't know was able to become a mama?  She is getting fixed, yo.  No more kittens for this house

p.s I am not a hater of cats.  It's just that ... four cats for one house is just a bit much.  If we had a lot of land and didn't have to worry about a car squishing one of them, we would keep them all.  

p.p.s. Although, the funny thing about all of this is that I am allergic to them.


  1. oh, kitties!!! i love them. but i have none. i am allergic, too, though i ignore it most of the time.

    hey, polka dot skirt!

  2. Pretty skirt!

    I'm so jealous that you have kittens right now! Pictures? :)

    I understand, 4 cats is a lot for one house... but I do love the little buggers!

    1. Thanks!

      Good idea! I'll post some tonight.

      I love cats, too. For real. I just wish they didn't make my eyeballs swell up! (luckily, I only swell up if I touch them and then touch my face, so if I wash my hands a lot I'm a-okay)

  3. My husband is severely allergic to cats. We finally got rid of my two cats last year. He just couldn't stand it anymore. I love your necklace, by the way!



    1. Thank you!

      So sorry to hear about your cats. :(

  4. Oh how I LOVE the skirt. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    And being overrun with fur balls is a pretty sublime kind of thing...

    1. Thank you! Grandma-esque skirts are my fave.