Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Gigantic Haul

So, you might remember that I mentioned a teeny tiny giveaway that I won through Elsie's A Beautiful Mess blog.  Every month, they have a giveaway of products and/or gift cards from almost all of their sponsors.  And one person can win all of them.  At once.  The whole kit and kaboodle is the prize for one person.  (Sorry, I had hard time wrapping my head around that when they said I'd won it)  I won their March giveaway, which included 7 gift cards, a magazine subscription, a 3-month subscription to Umba Box, a purse, a camera bag, a piece of jewelry, and a spot in an online photography class.

Crazy, right?  That's what I thought, too.  Just in case anyone's interested, I decided to take pics of the stuff I won/bought with the gift cards.  I don't normally do hauls or that type of thing -- it's just not my thing to say 'Um, hey!  Look at this stuff I bought!'  

...But I will say 'Um, hey!  Look at this stuff I won!'  (or, 'Look at this stuff I thrifted!')

From Tsarevna Vintage (the shop actually says Pulse Vintage):

A silk blouse (Clio by Nordstrom)

A silk scarf.

Some really cute earrings.

Scarlett Garnet Necklace

Afternoon Delight Bag

Pointillism Chemise (w/belt)

From Sosie
Bateau Neck Blouse
Another Bateau Neck Blouse
I exchanged the taupe/mint sheer colorblock shirt that I originally ordered for this top.

From Ruche
Love of Literature print by Parada Creations

From Umba Box (May)*
Candle from Patch NYC, chapstick from Stewart & Claire, and hair clips from Willow Handmade

One necklace, two pairs of earrings

And a year subscription to Off Switch magazine.  I've already received one issue in the mail, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!  I am considering subscribing to it after my free year is up.

And I also won a pair of shoes through Online Shoes from 26 and Counting!  They are Rockports

Well, if you stuck around this long, thank you!  I like to see other peoples' hauls, but haven't felt like it was really my thing.  This, however, is a bit different, don't you think?  It's exciting to win things!  
(And now I can't say that I never win anything!)

*The Umba Box is a subscription service.  Every month, they send you a box of hand crafted items.  It might be a few small items like it was this month or it might be one large item.  Either way, the total of the items is around $25.  I love the items I received this month and am looking forward to next month's box.  I will also be posting about my future boxes.


  1. This is fantastic! Everything is so cute. :)


  2. HOLY COW!!! You pretty much won a whole new wardrobe + a bunch more! That is totally the camera bag that I have been drooling over for a while now! SUPER jealous/excited for you! Let us know how that online photographer class goes! What class is it?

    1. I completely recommend the bag, if you have the $$$!! I don't (ha), so I was very, very excited to win one.

      The class is through I'm taking Brandy's Photo 101: Shooting In Manual. It's been great! I'll definitely be writing a blog post on it, and this is our last week. :(

  3. Those yellow studs are SO cute! And I love that collar necklace. Great pieces!


  4. OMG Rebecca, you really won A LOT of cute things!!! Let me know when you post an outfit wearing our Dania Mint Skirt and neckalce to include your picture in our facebook page :) I hope you have a nice afternoon! Steph :)

    1. I will! I saved your e-mail so I can let you know when I do that.

  5. WOW! i've always dreamed of winning one of elsie's giveaways. it really is like winning the jackpot. congratulations!!

    1. They really have awesome giveaways. Thank you!

  6. holy mackeral, girl! what a haul! you made some great choices! can't wait to see more of them in action!