Monday, May 7, 2012

A Review For You: Palmolive Fresh Sponge

This month, I participate in Influenster's monthly review box again.  This month was focused on dishwashing.  As one of the primary dish washers of the house (those three little people who live with us don't know how to wash them.  yet.), I felt up to the task of reviewing this product.  So, Influenster sent me a complimentary box of Palmolive's new dish soap called Fresh Sponge, along with a new sponge.

Now, since we have some non-stick dishes, I didn't use the sponge that they provided.  I did, however, get out one of our brand new sponges so that it wouldn't be 'tainted' from previous uses (and it was time to switch anyways).  I use a cloth-like sponge that has plastic grippy dots on one side that gently scrubbed non-stick cookware.  It's not porous at all, so they tend to smell after about one to two months, and two months is stretching it!

The first thing that I liked about the Fresh Sponge was the smell.  There wasn't a fragrance on the front of the bottle, so I assume that it comes in just one scent.  It smells slightly like strawberries, but very nice.  And the reason I say 'but very nice' is that I don't tend to like strawberry-scented things.  They usually smell too strong, but the scent of this soap is light.  It bubbles up nice and cuts the grease on pans, too.

I will admit, I've been holding the sponge up to my nose every few days and I haven't been able to smell any bad odors coming from it.  And it doesn't have that stale water smell to it, either.

I am thoroughly impressed with this soap.  They sent me five coupons that I kept one of and then gave the rest to a couple of my coworkers.  I think they are going to be as impressed as I am with this dish soap!

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