Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blame it on the rain

Top:  LOFT  (Similar)  /  Skirt:  Talbots (Similar)  /  Belt:  Unknown brand (SimilarShoes:  Nine West (Similar)  /  Necklace:  Lisa Leonard, with gift card
All, minus necklace, from Goodwill

I am so disappointed that this picture is washed out, especially since this color combination is one of my favorites.  Chambray + brown = gorgeous.

Well, really .... chambray + practically anything = gorgeous.

I'm just going to blame it on the rain.  But don't expect me to bust out any dance moves.

Another alternative to my outfit:

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  1. I don't think it looks washed out at all! This is a beautiful combination, and yes, I love chambray with anything!

    Also, I got your email and sorry for the delay in responding. Things have been hectic since we got back. Embarrassingly enough, I don't remember the font name off the top of my head, I downloaded it some time ago so I'll have to look it up in my editing tool. Sorry!

    1. Thanks, I played with the colors a bit, but it still looks off to me.

      That's okay! I completely understand!

  2. Never thought of chambray and brown. A great combo! That darn rain.

  3. Milli Vanilli now officially stuck in my head. That is who sings that song right? I love the color combo. Washed out or not!

    1. Ha, glad I could help! ;) Yeah, that's Milli Vanilli.