Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cheap is as cheap does

Top:  LOFT, gifted (Similar)  /  Pants:  LOFT, thrifted (Similar)  /  Shoes:  Nine West, thrifted (Similar)
Necklace:  Scarlett Garnet, won via Arcadia Boutique

All you thrifters out there, do you ever skip home with your purchases and then search online to find comparable items to see what they're going for brand new?  I'm quite guilty of doing that, myself.

For instance, I searched for Ann Taylor LOFT button-ups and capris and also searched for Nine West flats (with small decorations, since maybe the cost will go up with that minimally extra amount of materials).  What I found was that if I had purchased these items brand new and without a sale (not that I would do that ... but, you know, for the sake of the experiment!), the cost would have been roughly $168.  And that's not with shipping/handling.  Crazy, right?

It makes me feel pretty darn good about paying a deliciously tiny total of $7.24 for this outfit.  Yay me!

And here's another cute alternative:

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