Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Sunday best

left: earrings  /  purse  /  wedges
right: earrings  /  purse  /  sandals

Since my husband and I started having kids, I've found it increasingly difficult to get us all dressed and out the door to church every Sunday!  And we're not even talking about dressing cute.  As long as everyone is clothed in some form or fashion (or lack thereof), that's good enough for me.

To get myself in a better frame of mind and also to feel inspired, I made this sweet little look based on a River Island dress.  I wanted to feature two different color combinations.  The orange look is a little more dressy with the wedges.  The blue look would be great for when we are literally running out the door -- gladiator sandals for the win!

Speaking of gladiator sandals, does anyone have some comfy recommendations?  I haven't seen any that have really caught my eye this season.  Send me your suggestions!