Monday, June 11, 2012

A Thrifting List

Close to the beginning of the year, I posted my thrifting wish list.  Thrifting can not only be addicting but can also become expensive if you either (a) don't have things in mind that you want or (b) buy things simply because they're cheap.  When I started thrifting, I was so excited about all!  the cheap!  prices!  It's intoxicating (the prices, not the smell)!  I quickly realized that while I was buying quality items that I loved for dirt cheap, I was also not buying the things that I really, really wanted to add to my wardrobe.  Blindly adding to your closet does not a pretty outfit make .... most of the time.

Thus, I started a list.  As my husband said the other day, "You certainly like lists."  ...Well, that wasn't quite an interesting quote, I guess.  I could've told you that I love lists without dragging my husband into it.  But, at any rate.  He did say that.  And it's true.  Lists = love.

You know what a cool job would be?  To design note pads.  But, anyway.  I digress.

Onto the list making and crossing-off-ness.

This is what my list looked like in January.  I've marked up with the things that I've found and things I'm not really looking for at the moment, etc.

Specific Items:
Slim black skirt for work  found it last week!
Wide, stretchy brown belt, preferably with an interesting detail  <--still looking
Blue/white striped button-up found a cute black/white striped button-up instead
Long-ish black cardigan  found it!

In General:
Cardigans (this is a given.  you can never have too many.  i need some exciting colors)
A couple neutral, slouchy-ish sweaters found one.  that is enough for now.
Stripes anything (shirts mostly, maybe a skirt)
Sheer blouses  <--not really in the mood to actively look for them anymore.
Interesting skirts  <--tired of not finding what I want

And here is what my list looks like now.

Specific Items:
Wide, stretchy belt, preferably with an interesting detail
Blue/white striped button-up
Yellow pants (skinnies or trousers)
Nude skirt
Nude pumps

In General:
Cardigans in bright colors
Bright skinnies
Skinny belts
Stripes anything (shirts mostly, maybe a skirt)
Casual skirts

And there you have it.  I know that thrifting is very hit or miss, so I don't want to have my heart set on a pink shirt and miss the beautiful blue shirt down the rack that would be just simply gawgeous.  I've pretty much learned how to balance out clothing wants vs. clothing needs.  In fact, the lists would make more sense if I retitled them Needs and Wants.  The specific items that I want tend to be very basic wardrobe essentials and my general list is usually season- or trend-specific items that I want to wear right now.  For the most part, I like to treat the lists as guidelines rather than set-in-stone rules.

Lists aren't everyone's cup of tea, so if you made it this far into my list-o-rama, thank you! 

What are you searching for right now?


  1. it's a good list, and i know what you mean. just because it's cheap doesn't mean it won't add up! my specific list is: a really good tweedy blazer, red (or other lovely bright color) skinnies, and tall black boots (i own two pairs of tall brown boots, and two shorter pairs of black boots... it's a bit silly, actually). i've been keeping my eye out for a wide woven brown belt for you! if i see one and the price is right, i'll snatch it up!

    1. Aww, you're so sweet! With four eyes looking out for one, we're bound to find one! :)

      I'm on the look out for the perfect pair of tall brown boots. I might have to break down and just save for a brand new pair.

  2. This is AWESOME! I am a new thrifter and totally LOVE it! My finds have been so exciting for me, even more so than buying expensive items!

    1. I love thrifting, too. It's so exciting when you find something really great for really cheap!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog from your comment on The Small Things blog. I am a list person, too! :) Especially when I'm prepping for a trip. I have to make a list of what to pack and continually revise it. How cool would that be to design notepads?! Anyway, I'm a new follower. :)

    1. Thank you! I love when new followers leave a comment to let me know :)

      Designing notepads would be so much fun!