Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Review For You: Neutrogena Shine Control Foundation

The same day that I purchased Revlon's newest foundation, I found a new foundation that Neutrogena has released.  It's called Neutrogena Shine Control Makeup.  According to the website, this foundation gives 8 hours of shine control.  It also contains SPF 20, which is very important in these bright, hot summer months.

Next to Revlon, Neutrogena is one of my favorite drug store brands.  Their products are consistent in quality and are reasonably priced.

I tried this foundation during two of our hottest weeks .... which, let's face it, could have been any two of the past four weeks.  I was relatively impressed with this.  The shine control was great, although I do believe their claim that it lasts 8 hours.  If only it lasted longer!  When I put my makeup on in the morning, it's a full 15 hours later until I take it off.  Plus, during the summer months I work 10-hour days.  Thus, the shine control doesn't last quite long enough for me to use this during the week ... or, at least, not without applying powder at some point during the day.

One thing that I think is interesting about this foundation is that it has a very, very slight shimmer to it.  I didn't even really want to mention it, it's so slight.  It's hard to pick up in the photograph, but I think this ever-so-slight amount of shimmer keeps the matte finish from looking too matte.

Overall, I think this foundation is a great drugstore product.  If shine isn't an issue for you, then this foundation at least offers SPF 20 without the greasy feeling of sunscreen!  It retails for about $12.99, but for some reason I think I got it for less at Target.

There are two other new products, a primer and a powder, from this Shine Control line that I'm thinking about purchasing.  Let me know if you'd like to hear about them!  ...Not that I need any convincing when it comes to purchasing beauty products...

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