Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little animal print for your Thursday

Top:  J. Crew, thrifted  /  Skirt:  Talbots, thrifted  /  Belt: Thrifted  /  Shoes:  Rockport, via Online Shoes Giveaway on 26 and Counting

Funny thing about this shirt.  I saw this lovely pattern on the rack of Goodwill and thought it was lovely.  That was it -- just lovely.  I'm not really into animal prints, so the fact that it was kind of sort of an animal print didn't register with me until I had purchased it and brought it into the office to show my coworkers.

"Ooh!  Animal print!"  they said.

"Huh?"  I said.

"Isn't it leopard?"  they said.

"Oh, um.  Maybe...  Maybe cheetah?  I don't know..."  I said.

I don't what this print is classified as.  All I know is, I love it.  And it only looks good tucked into a skirt.  Untucked, it is just too much.  Rest assured, you will never see the shirt tails of this shirt.

Here's a similar look:

Rockport, American Apparel, Aldo, Express



  1. i like your shirt! i'm not naturally drawn to animal prints either... you could wear it untucked with a cardigan/blazer (wait- do you have any blazers? i can't recall having seen any on your bloggity), which would tone it down a bit.

    1. Thank you! Well... when you commented, I did not own a blazer. However, I rectified that issues yesterday afternoon.

  2. lovely necklace and shirt xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. i'm a sucker for prints at thrift stores too! when i'm too lazy to flip through a whole rack i just scan it for fun prints/colors! anyway, the little bit of yellow on your shoes makes this look so FUN!

    dash dot dotty