Sunday, July 29, 2012

On shoe babies

Top:  Merona, thrifted  /  Jeans:  New York & Company, thrifted  /  Shoes:  Merona  /  Sweater: New Directions, thrifted

Tonight, something monumental happened.  My husband and I had a date.  I guess you could say it's turned into a yearly thing ... actually, scratch that.  Biannually.  Yes, it's a biannually thing.  For our anniversary and one other time at a random point in the year, we leave the house sans kids and have either dinner and a movie or just one or the other.  Tonight it was both. We scarfed down hibachi so we could get to an 8:30 movie.  Let me just tell you, in our five years of parenting there is one definite thing that we have learned and that is how to eat fast.  Eat fast while your food is still hot!  That's probably the only useful piece of advice I could give new parents.  Learn how to inhale food!

Anyways, it was a very nice evening and we got to the movie in time (The Dark Knight Rises).

Also, I may or may have not told him to stop talking so we could enjoy the peace and quiet.  Just keepin' it real!

Now, onto the outfit.  I'm pretty sure if this shirt and these pants got together and had a baby, it would be of the color of these shoes.  I've never done the monochromatic thing before, but methinks I like it.

 And what movie-going outfit would be complete without a sweater?  Nary a one, I say.


  1. i really like this as a new outfit taking spot! maybe for the cooler months, eh? i like your monochromatic outfit! i wonder if i have anything like that in my wardrobe....

    1. Thanks! It's been a pretty convenient spot to take pics.