Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition

Last week,  Young House Love and Bower Power announced that it is that time again -- Pinterest Challenge time!  It is time to find a pin that you love&adore and conquer it!  It's starting to stop pinning and start doing!  Time to take the pin by the horns and get crackin' ... okay, so you get the idea.

It's crafty time.

For my Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition project, I decided on this pin, from this blog.  This clutch is so incredibly adorable and the tutorial was very easy to follow.  I have sewn a few things before, but here is the list of things that I did for the first time with this project:

+ used interfacing
+ attached a wristlet strap
+ sewed on detailing (up until now, the only sewing I've ever done has been ho-hum no-detail kind of stuff)
+ installed a zipper (intimidating!  and, surprisingly, easy)

And here's the final project.

I purchased all my supplies at Wal-Mart.  The fabric is actually some of the new (I guess they're new) fat quarters they have in stock.  I got two fat quarters of the daisy print and one fat quarter of the interior fabric, which you can see riiiiiight here..

And here's a better peek at it, complete with weird looking hand.

I like how the interior looks like either leaves or tree bark.  It kind of goes with the nature theme of the daisies.

Now, the tutorial warned that quilting cotton would not be sturdy enough for the clutch and I would have to say that I agree.  Wal-Mart didn't have any linen, which is what the pattern suggested, so I settled with this cotton.  However, I'm not unhappy with it at all.  I think it will be a fun little clutch to grab for a date-night or girls' night out!


  1. that is soooo coool! look at you, all fancy and sewing stuff up! i'm so scared of sewing... and i definitely did not have my shiz together enough to partake in this pinterest challenge. maybe next time (sigh!). but this looks fab!

    1. Thank you! I used to be scared of sewing, too! You can do eeet!

  2. I'm impressed, Rebecca! I could totally see some lipstick hanging out in that pouch.

  3. the interior fabric pattern is such a great pairing with the outside!

    dash dot dotty

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun to make.