Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Edition Remix 17:30

Top and shoes thrifted, Capris were gifted, Necklace won in giveaway

This morning, I was feeling inspired by Barbara's latest outfit video.  In one of her outfits, she styled a skirt with a button-up shirt over another shirt.  (That's a lot of 'irt' for one sentence)  I thought it was cute, so I'm played copycat and put my chambray LOFT shirt over one of my favorite striped shirts.  

Speaking of youtube, have I mentioned my addiction to youtube beauty videos?  No?  Well, it should have come up before now.  I'm currently working on a 'Favorites' page to be added under my header.  As a blog reader, I am always curious about what other bloggers read.  So, as a blogger, I'm going to let you all know what I like to read/watch.  It's gonna be a whole page of bloggery/youtubery love!

The list is long.  Consider yourself warned.

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