Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Edition Remix 18:30

 Top was gifted, Skirt and shoes were thrifted

Hello, my lovely little driveway!  I've missed you while it was raining.  Too bad it's still a little overcast.  I'm glad to at least have a teeny weeny bit of sunshine today.  It's been nice.

If there's one thing this week has proven, it's that I could never live in the Pacific Northwest region of the US.  As pretty as the pictures make it look, the constant gray sky and drizzly weather would have me running back to the South.

Edward and Christian Grey can keep their PNW.  I'll take sunny North Carolina any day.

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Cole Haan, J.Crew, Lord & Taylor, Merona



  1. ooh, so colorful! man, if you'd told me a couple of years ago that i would like cardinal red and ultramarine blue together, i would have thought you were crazy. and yet! here we stand! me enjoying that color combo, and you wearing it!