Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Edition Remix: 9 & 10:30

Top (orange): Faded Glory, thrifted  /  Top (plaid): LOFT, gifted  /  Belt:  Came with a shirt  /  Pants:  Worthington, thrifted  /  Shoes:  Prediction, thrifted    Necklace:  Scarlett Garnet, via Arcadia Boutique from giveaway

Hi!  Here ends a very busy week.  The whole wisdom teeth thing knocked me flat on my back, literally.  As soon as I came home from work every day and the house was clean (minimally), I would pass out and ... not really sleep most of the night.  It was pretty rough.  The dentist gave me hydrocodone for the pain, and it definitely helped with that.  It did not help with my sleeping pattern.  I took it just as long as I needed it, which was Wednesday night, and then I kicked that stupid medicine to the curb.  It didn't really make me stay awake -- it just didn't numb the pain long enough for me to sleep a full sleep cycle before I was waking up from the throbbing in my jaw.

Oi!  So, this outfit was super comfortable on Tuesday.  It was a long work day, yadda yadda, and these shoes turned out to be super comfortable for 11 hours at the office.

Top: J.C. Penney, gifted  /  Skirt: Talbots, thrifted  /  Belt: Came with a shirt  /  Shoes: Merona Collection, thrifted  /  Necklace:  Lucid New York from Umba Box

Look!  It's that shirt!  I'm trying it tucked into a high-waisted skirt before it's cool enough to put it under a blazer.  I like it ... kind of.  I don't think the colors work well together, but I liked it better this way than with pants.  So, there's that!
Also, I did a first, for me.  I switched out an item that I originally put in my 30 for 30 list!  I had my black Target wedges out for this remix, but I haven't used them yet and didn't think they'd get a ton of use since they're pretty much fall/winter shoes.  So, yeah.  I found these awesome flats at Goodwill last week (never worn!  hooorah!) and switched the wedges for these.
How awesome are un-worn shoes found at Goodwill?  I mean, really!

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