Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Remix Edition 20 & 21:30

Necklace and top purchased with gift card; Belt, skirt, and shoes were thrifted

This is what I wore on Sunday, otherwise known as the sunniest day of life.

It is (was?) also known as my husband's and my 6-year anniversary.  It was devine, minus a minor stomach bug.  The show had to go on and sushi had to be eaten.

We live a tough life, I tell you!

Blazer, pants, and shoes were thrifted, Necklace won in giveaway

I took these horribly dark pictures in a fit of trying to get out the door on time this morning.  Son #1 started kindergarten today.  KINDERGARTEN.

On one hand, I feel freaking young because while we were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this weekend, I have friends/coworkers who have been married longer than that.  On the other hand, having a child in kindergarten makes me feel old.  My life is one big oxymoron.


  1. That first outfit is such a delicate, refined look! I dig it.

    1. Ooh, delicate AND refined! Certainly not adjectives I use to describe myself, but thank you so much for that compliment!

  2. happy anniversary! love the blues & browns together! and that second outfit looks super flattering. i don't know if i've mentioned this, so forgive me if i sound like a broken record, but that striped shirt looks fab on you. every time i see it on you, i think to myself 'that shirt looks so great on her'.

    1. Thank ye!

      Blue and brown = love, no?

      You don't sound like a broken record! Or I have a bad memory! Who knows?!