Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seeing 1 1/2

 My shoes aren't the only thing hiding...

Ohhai, kitty!

Top, Cardigan, Pants, Shoes were all thrifted
Similar: Top, Cardigan, Pants, Shoes

Yet another cryptic post title.  Am I good, or am I good with the titles that make no sense?

Anyways.  I think I've said this before (and, apparently, lied about these shirt tails), but animal prints and I have never been buddy-buddy.  Something has come over me, though!  Two (albeit, similar) prints in one outfit.  It's not quite seeing double, since my shoes aren't always visible.  It's more like .... seeing 1 1/2.  See what I did there?

I think my lack of sleep has gone to my leopard-printed brain.

Fossil, Aerosoles, Mossimo, Old Navy



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