Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Edition Remix: Let's not be concerned with numbers

Top, skirt, and shoes were thrifted, Belt came with a shirt

#25.  Worn last Friday to work and to pick up my little kindergartener.  It was his first day with all of his classmates and it went swimmingly.

I had doubts about using this shirt and skirt together.  I mean, Texas Tuxedo in skirt form, anyone?  Ehh, it works.  I thought it looked pretty decent.

  Shirt and skinnies were thrifted

#26.  Worn Friday.  After sitting in that dang pick-up line, we got home so we could check the mail and so I could switch out of my skirt and put on these skinnies and flip flops for our errand-running.  Going to the beach means ERRANDS AND LOTS OF THEM.  Simply because I never really keep junk food in the house and going to the beach = junk food.  Pop-tarts for breakfast, chips for snacks, hot dogs and pizza for lunch and/or dinner.  It's fun for the kids and it's easy for us.  Bada-bing!

  Top purchased with gift card

#27.  Worn Sunday.

Reunited and it feels so good....  This top and belt came as one.  The moment I opened the package, I took the belt off the top and snipped off the belt loops.  This is the first time I've worn the two together and I really like it.  No wonder they paired these two together.

For the record, Saturday was beach day.  And that ain't gettin' documented, if you know what I mean.

  Button-up was gifted, Belt came with a shirt, Skinnies and shoes were thrifted

#28.  Worn today.  This was incredibly comfortable.  I think I quite like using a button-up as a cardigan.  So much so that I will do it for one of my last outfits.  I feel like I've done the math wrong somewhere ... or miscounted, because this 30 for 30 has gone by very fast.

In fact, I think I'm going to go look over the outfits just to make double sure... 


  1. i like your texas tuxedo!

    outfit 27 is one of my favorites! you look so comfy and laid back and pulled together, and it's great!

    1. Ha, thank you, friend.

      That outfit was comfy! And I felt oddly studious in it.