Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A bit of a lull

All but belt thrifted

It's kind of weird not blogging every day now.  Before, when I started taking pictures of my outfits and writing about them, it felt weird to work this part of my day into what my days used to be.  And now I miss it.

Insert. Huge. Sad. Face.

So, now, I'm trying to work it in again and I haven't quite figured it out yet.  (I'm sure you're tired of hearing about that, too.  har har.)  But!  I did have a lull this week and have decided to post some outfits I've had banked for a week or two.  Yay!

(Actually, lull time does not really mean free time, I've come to understand.  It simply means that I need to be reading more or researching more or doing SOMETHING more, but today was the third and last day of a huge conference for work and I'm exhausted and need something that doesn't require me to be all academic.  Thus, I'm here.  Anyways.)

So, this skirt, right?  I know!  Super comfy.  I've been attracted to "comfy" clothes pretty much all the time now.  In fact, I bought two pairs of leggings from Target last week so I can wear clean leggings ALL WEEKEND LONG.

We should all aspire to be so fashionable.

And I'll end this with some big-ish news:  My one year blogiversary is coming up on the 11th!  That's tomorrow!  Yay!  I'll be celebrating with something very me -- a collection of outtakes from months past.  I've been saving them for the perfect occasion, and this is it!

Oh, and you know what day it is, right?  Wednesday!  It's What I Wore Wednesday over on The Pleated Poppy!  Go on over and check out all the ladies who are linking up with Lindsey!!

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