Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Review for You: Lush Seanik & Jungle

I'm back today to review two Lush products that I purchased in August.  I've given them both a good go over the past couple months.

Lush Seanik

This is the first solid shampoo I've ever tried, so I was a bit nervous/skeptical/shy about it at first.  On their website, Lush describes this shampoo as mineral-rich and voluminizing.  If I were to classify this shampoo, I would say it's clarifying.  Product builds up on my hair easily, and this shampoo was great at getting off!  Before, I would use styling product every other day to limit the build up, but since I've been using this solid shampoo I've been able to use styling product every day without issues.

It smells nice and clean.  According to their website, it contains Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed for their softening properties, sea salt for volume, lemon oil for shine, and mimosa and jasmine oils for fragrance (I hate using that word.  It's not fragrance-y.  It just smells good).

It's very easy to use.  I keep it on a shelf out of the shower (but within reach) in one of their little tins.  I pop it out of the ten, lather it up a bit like soap, and sweep the suds over my hair.  Then, I just shampoo like normal!  If I feel like it needs to be more sudsy, I put some water in my hands, splash it over my head, and get to working it in some more.  It rinses off very easily, which I was impressed with.  I hate having to stand in the shower forever, rinsing product out.  For me, this is a bit of a time-saver in the shower.

After I purchased these products, I read that people who do keratin treatments or color their hair might not want to use Lush solid shampoos because it will (1) take off the keratin treatment or (2) strip off your color.  I was worried about this, since I color my hair (I don't do keratin treatments, but that might be my next hair experiment!).  This shampoo did not remove my color at all.  I use Clairol's Natural Instincts in Nutmeg to color gray hairs (it's my natural color), which is not permanent.  To be honest, I thoroughly expected it to remove my color but tried it anyways.  My color lasted as long as it always does.

Overall, I give this shampoo an A+!  I have no complaints and will definitely use it for a long time.  Err... actually, I bought another shampoo while I was at Lush last weekend.  I bought the Godiva solid shampoo, so I will have another review for you when I'm done with that one!

Lush Jungle Conditioner

Here's another product about which I was skeptical!  I bought this on a whim when I bought the Seanik.

You use it basically the same way.  With the Seanik, I found it was hard to smooth the bar on my hair like they suggest, but with the Jungle conditioner, it's much easier if you smooth it on your hair.  It takes some getting used to.  Basically, I rub the bar on my hair and then work it in a little bit with my fingers.  After that, I rinse it.  Again, this product rinses off easily, so it's another time-saver for me!

Let's talk about the smell.  It.  Smells. SO.  Dang.  Good.  I love the scent, and it lingers on my hair all day.  According to the Lush website, the secret ingredient is cocoa butter.  It also contains Vitamin K.

Even though this product is amazing, I'm sad to say it isn't an A+ for me.  I think my hair needs more moisture than this conditioner can give.  My hair was super smooth, but my flyaways were kind of out of hand when I used only this conditioner.  I found that if I used this conditioner with my Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light conditioner, my hair was gorgeous, dahling.  In fact, I received quite a few compliments on the days I used both together.

So, for me, this conditioner is more like an extra treatment than it is an actual conditioner.

I give it an A for effort and a B for effectiveness.

What new hair products have you tried lately?  Are you a Lush fanatic like me?  Anything I should try the next time I'm there?

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