Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Wedding and no Funeral

Dress thrifted / Shoes: Ruche  /  Earrings: Ruche

Firstly, how sad am I that the color of my shoes did not translate at all in my outfit photos?  They are deep teal and gorgeous.  Luckily, I got one single solitary picture of me at the wedding and in good light.  So, there's that.  Secondly, how awesome is it that I found this Ann Taylor dress at Goodwill?  It's an awesome condition.  I'm not entirely sure it's ever been worn.

And to continue with the theme ... thirdly, my earrings did not show up (hidden in my hair).  And fourthly, this lovely hair style was inspired by Kate from The Small Things Blog and executed by my awesome hair stylist.  If you've ever even set foot eye near Pinterest, you'll recognize this pin.  I really should have taken a picture of the back, because it was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted (basically, something that would stay out of my face).

Okay.  All that to say, this is what I wore to my brother's wedding this past weekend.  Their ceremony was gorgeous and it was a lot of fun hanging out with her family for the day.  I now have the sister that I never had (his wife is awesome), and what do they do?  Go off and get stationed in Turkey!  (he's in the Air Force)  All joking aside, I am so excited for them.  It's going to be an awesome adventure for them.  Plus, what do you do when you have a relative in a foreign country?  You visit them!  Yeah, I'm trying to convince le hubby that we should, all five, visit them in Turkey while they're there.  We'll see...!

Also, since I'm posting less due to the ol' grad school ball and chain, I'll use this opportunity to let you know about a new shop that's opening up in the Triangle area.  Next week, Apricot Lane is opening its doors to North Hills in Raleigh.  It's a chain known in the west/mid-west, and they will be opening up three boutiques in the Triangle rea within the next year!  

They invited me to their grand opening, but unfortunately my husband will be at a conference way, way, way out of town for that entire day.  But!  I will be visiting the shop next Friday.  They will be offering a 20% discount for their opening weekend (November 9 - 11) and also!  Also!  If you print a coupon from their Facebook page, sign up for their newsletter, and bring the coupon to the store, you will get a free 3Strands bracelet and the store will make a $5 donation in your name.  3Strands makes bracelets and the proceeds go towards the AIM training center in Cambodia, which works to empower women and prevent human trafficking.  If you're in the Raleigh area, make sure to stop by and check out the shop!

And, hey!  It's Wednesday!  As if I haven't already taken up too much of your time, it's What I Wore Wednesday over on The Pleated Poppy!!

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