Saturday, October 20, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a denim shirt like this at Target.  Now, this was uncharacteristic of me for two reasons.  One, I almost always thrift my clothes.  Two, it wasn't on sale or clearance.  If I'm not thrifting, I'm clearancing.  Can I get a whut-whut from all you end-cap shoppers out there?  (you know who you are, and you know what I'm talkin' about!)

This is, easily, my favorite weekend outfit.  In fact, if you replace the pink skinnies with either gray skinnies or black leggings, this basically my weekend uniform for the fall at the moment.  If I'm feeling fancy, I'll wear boots.

Steve Madden, Bea Yuk Mui, Asos, J.Crew, Merona


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