Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little Kathleen Kelly for your Thursday

Top, dress, and shoes were thrifted

I'm not sure why this outfit makes me think of Kathleen Kelly from You've Got MailAny thoughts on this?  Is it the button-up/dress combo?  The loafers?  The simple color palette?  I dunno...

Funny story: last night we heard a dog growling outside, which is odd because all our dog-owning neighbors keep their dogs in fences.  So, we look outside to see THE most ginormous black, fluffy dog staring at us.  Unfortunately, we were cracking open the front door to look and he almost barreled in!  I think he was chasing the kittens, but we didn't see him again.  Let's hope he doesn't come back, as I'm sure their little kitty hearts couldn't take that montrosity growling at them again.

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