Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A story, from start to finish

Top, Sweater, and Skirt were thrifted

Global warming be darned, today was freezing!  This morning, I was all like "Ooh, I'm going to wear some stripes and polkas today.  Hey!  Why don't I throw in some chambray?  Aaand, while I'm at it, let's wear some tights and boots."  Voila!  Outfit extraordinaire!

Alas...  we had a fall fest at work today.  It was held outside.  (I think you can see where this is going)  By the end of the day, my nose was a snotty mess, I smelled like hot dogs, and my boots were c-o-v-e-r-e-d in dirt.  But, hey!  When I took my purple hoodie off, I had pretty stripes and polkas to look at! 

Cue this song... 

(you aren't offended by Monty Python, are you?  I think they're one of those entities that people either love or strongly dislike)

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