Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And now you know. Also, boots!

Belt was thrifted (possibly my least-thrifted outfit!)

Beware: tights and these boots may or may not make an estimated one meeeillion appearances this autumn/winter.  North Carolina's weather has made me so happy lately.  It's so cold and crisp!  I love it!

I felt a bit weird when I realized that this is, most likely, my least-thrifted outfit ever.  Well ... not "ever," but you know what I mean.

Last week, my bff and I headed up to North Hills in Raleigh to visit a new boutique called Apricot Lane.  I neglected to mention it this weekend and yesterday, and for one largely embarrassing reason.  You see, I live about an hour and a half-ish from Raleigh, and we had timed it so we would have enough time to look around a bit before they close at 7 (yes!  7!!).  While we were driving there, traffic was absolute madness.  We're talking more than one accident, being reduced to one lane twice, and general highway and city traffic craziness.  Long story short, we didn't get there until after it closed.  But, we did gaze adoringly in the shop windows and may have smeared finger prints on the glass while we were pointing at all the cute clothes.  We'll get another chance to visit, probably closer to the holidays.  So, yeah.  It was a little embarrassing.  

But whatevs!  RightBecause today is Everybody Everywear, and boots is the theme!

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