Monday, November 12, 2012

Black and grey

Button-up was gifted, Cardigan and skirt were thrifted

A morning sans hubby means mirror pictures!  I was so excited when Target put their $5 tights on sale for $4, because that completely justified my purchasing four different colors.  If they put them on sale again, I could probably convince myself to get one more color.  (magenta!)  :)

These are gray heather and I hate to say this, but they kind of smell weird.  They have a slight sheen to them, so I wonder if the shiny string/material/whatever you call it is what makes them sell chemical-y?  It's kind of weird, and I hope it wears off when I wash them because I love this color.  It's so autumnal!

Enough about tights!  How was your weekend?

Today is #YoloMonday over on Molly's and Carly's blogs.  Check those girls out!  They're pretty awesome :)  Last week, over 100 bloggers linked up with them!  Go check out a new blog or five!


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