Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ghost cats and stuff

Button-up, sweater, and skirt were thrifted

I can't take full credit for this outfit.  This pin inspired me, along with the most recent Boden catalog.  The catalog actually isn't super recent, but I still have it laying around for inspiration.  I'm not sure how the catalog inspired this outfit exactly, but I sure felt like I'd just stepped off one of their photo shoots.  

Toot my own horn much?  You betcha.

As you can see, the dang kittens are still hanging around and think they're worthy of being included in my photo shoots.  We figured they would've started roaming more by this point, but alas.  I guess the good food (re: table scraps) and the possibility of running into our house undetected only to be found later, appearing from behind the couch like some sort of ghost cat, is appealing to them.  

True story, by the way.

Also, they're too cute to put up for adoption.  I might be a wee attached.

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