Saturday, November 24, 2012



Top  /  Skinnies  /  Flats  /  Tote  /  Heels  /  Clutch

 I don't know if you're as full of turkey as I am, but our Thanksgiving was uh-mazing  :)  As it usually is.  This time of year is so much fun, with everyone coming home to spend time together.  I love it!  

Now -ahem- let's get real for uno momento.  More family around = possibility of a date night with the hubby.  And I really, really want to see Skyfall in the theater.  There are just some movies that one should view in the theater, and James Bond falls under that category for me.  This outfit could take me from Saturday morning lounge fest to sexy, but still appropriate, date night.

Tell me about your Thanksgiving!  What did you do, who did you see, what did you eat?

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